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#1 100% Natural HAIR GROWTH w/MORINGA HAIR CARE PACKAGE! Moringa POWDER, Moringa OIL, Moringa SOAP Moringa TEA & BOTTLE (to spray on hair!) & A BONUS PACKAGE of MALI Shea Butter! SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal WeBuyBlack Ethnic Grocery and NATURAL HAIR CARE!

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#1 AUTHENTIC AFRICAN NonHybrid, NonGMO, #1 Non Monsanto 100% PURE LEAF MORINGA PACKAGE!  Vegan, Halal & Kosher too!


1.  Moringa OIL (a NICE SIZE 2oz bottle hand pressed and made in Senegal)

2.  Moringa POWDER (30gr package to make a Moringa hair mask)

3.  Moringa SHAMPOO BAR (to wash your hair daily)

4.  BONUS PACKAGE of Mali Shea Butter (to OIL your hair & skin!)

5.  Moringa Oleifera TEABAGS (20, to DRINK & make a Moringa Hair Spritzer!) 

6.  FREE SQUIRT BOTTLE (to use to spritz your hair with Moringa Tea Infusion!)


(Yes, that's ME in pictures 9 & 10 and that's my REAL HAIR, no sew ins!)

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    Ad 1 Moringa Hair Care Package


My name is Sineta George and that's MEEEE above!  I'm American from Pensacola, FL originally but I have lived here in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa for 20+ years.  I used to have a B&B and tourism business (see TripAdvisor) but because of Corona, I decided to retire but I still do consulting work for people who want to leave America like I did and move somewhere a little more sane.... lol!  

I've had an online wholesale and retail business the entire time I've lived in Senegal but I'm NEW to WeBuyBlack and so happy for this platform!  NOW I can offer these WONDERFUL SENEGALESE PRODUCTS to MY TRIBE BACK HOME at REASONABLE WHOLESALE PRICES!

This is our NEWEST SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal Moringa HOME HAIR HEALTH CARE PACKAGE I put together for Natural Hair Care, Conditioning & Growth!  $35.50 INCLUDING SHIPPING!

#1 Moringa Powder (30gr) and #2 a nice size bottle of Moringa Oil (2 oz) both are nonGMO and non Mosanto.  Our AfricanHerbal Moringa grows WILD here in Senegal and is NOT A HYBRID & perfectly safe for Dr Sebi followers.  REAL MORINGA comes from the Sub Saharan Desert countries, in West Africa.  Mix these together in smlall portions and apply as a hair mask at night to damaged hair or bald spots and cover with lined plastic sleeping bonnet.  The plastic/satin will trap the body heat from your head and give you a hot oil treatment.  Your hair will be slightly damp in the morning. 

Those can be purchased separately 2 for $25.50 (here on WBB) including shipping here for men:


and women:


#3 Moringa Shampoo Bar to wash your hair (pic 4)

#4 Mali Shea Butter to oil your hair (and face/body), it's a great organic female lubricant as well as a skin moisturizer, getting rid of eczema, seborrhea  and psoriasis.  Here is a video of EXACTLY where it comes from and EXACTLY who makes it.   Our AfricanHerbal Mali Shea Butter IS NOT THE SAME as Ghana Shea Butter for two very important reasons:  a) ours is prepackaged and hypoallergenic; theirs is wrapped in palm fronds, open in the air where pollutants and dust contaminate the shea so it's not clean; if you have open sores in your head or due to eczema it can get infected.  b) They add PALM OIL to the shea butter from Ghana giving it a yellow or orange color to increase their yield.  This causes it to get rancid and crumbly and also dries out over time.  Our shea butter from Mali is 100% pure, from the shea tree.  I will post a video after this section so you can see for yourself how it's made (and how it's not made!).  c) Ghana shea butter STINKS... straight up!  People add $100 worth of essential oils to cut the smell for body butters out of Ghana shea but if you use AfricanHerbal Shea butter, the overall price is lower because you don't have to use so many other products to mask the smell.  

Here's the video:

# 5 and 6 are Moringa Olifera Tea/Teabags; you will receive 1 package of 20 teabags!  This is a trick many people don't know but I PROMISE YOU IT WORKS!  Instead of using oils and water to moisten and condition your hair make a gallon of tea!  2 teabags make one gallon and you can reuse them 3x so it's like having 60 teabags!  So drink one cup hot in the morning and put the rest in the fridge for iced tea for dinner.  I sweeten with sugar put in the freezer, drinking as a slushy throughout the day to keep my energy level up.  

#6 is one empty spray bottle.  I want you to fill the bottle up with the tea and SPRITZ YOUR HAIR WITH YOUR MORINGA TEA DAILY and in the evening if you want.  I use it every day before styling my hair and I suggest for people trying to grow their hair, use it at night as well and cover with a sleeping cap. (picture links above) 

This is a video of the 'Surprising Health Benefits of Moringa' - please watch it all the way thru, starting at the beginning.  If you skip past the ads you'll need to move the play icon to the beginning.  It's a very informative video, read the subtitles if the accent is difficult to understand:


So that's your ENTIRE Moringa Home Hair Health Care Package! ($35.50 INCLUDING SHIPPING!)

Most hair care advertisements show the product and have some variation of 'buy this, it will grow your hair!' but think about this:  They NEVER SHOW THE PERSON THAT POSTS THE PRODUCT... have you noticed that?  If their products are so great how come they aren't showing THEMSELVES with before and after pictures with their hair touching the floor???  

Now look at the last 2 photos... that's me, front and back; I have nothing to hide and my hair growth has been posted every month for the last 3 years.  I walk my talk and my longest locks reach to my knees, the rest to my thighs.  No I'm not mixed with anything and no I don't spend a fortune of products and believe it or not, I don't even use Moringa oil because my hair grows long enough as it is using Mali Shea Butter to oil when I get out of the shower (after washing daily) and at night, around my edges and crown to prevent breakage and sleep in a plastic & satin lined African wax hair bonnet (2 for $25.50, also on this page and the Etsy link I'll drop below.   

So after washing my hair with the shampoo bar (also included in the package) I leave the top wet and lightly dry the locs so I don't get water all over the bathroom.  I have a squirt bottle of MORINGA TEA I keep with my hair supplies and I generously spritz my crown and edges THEN I apply Mali Shea Butter on the top of my hair (while wet, I don't dry it any more), brush my edges down and style my hair.  

Then I put on a durag and tie my hair down tight and add a 2nd one or a wave cap.  This is how I get those lovely waves mixed with dread locks below! 

Here is a link to ALL our SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal WeBuyBlack Listings

*NOTE* CHANGE THE SORT FEATURE to 'Newest' or 'lowest price' and be on the lookout for our ETHNIC GROCERY section featuring African Herbs, Spices & SEEDS for gardening and GROWING YOUR OWN nonGMO FRUITS & VEGETABLES!


FREE Drop Shipping & Distributor Prices Available!  Thanks for looking and have a GREAT WEEK!

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