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ONE POUND of NEGRO PEPPER aka DIAR or Xylopia Aethiopica - SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal Healing Herbal tea 4 Eye Pain/Strain, Prostate, Joints, Asthma/Bronchi, Toothache etc, 450 grams - WeBuyBlack.com Convention Vendors

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This is the LATEST HERB that I'm REALLY EXCITED ABOUT and so happy to introduce it to (the VENDORS ESPECIALLY) here on WeBuyBlack.com!

It's called Negro Pepper, believe it or not and Diar in Wolof, the language of the Senegalese people and Xylopia Aethiopica is the SCIENTIFIC NAME if you'd like to look it up! 

I offer these AFRICAN SOURCED HERBS & SPICES AT A GREAT PRICE for $25.50 including shipping for 1lb of product to all my WeBuyBlack.com friends! 


for $7.50 including shipping! 

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The proper Senegalese name is 'DIAR' and it's COMMONLY USED DAILY in morning tea, coffee and other hot drinks just for GP! (General Purposes!)  People just drop a few sticks in their teapots so I didn't even know about it previously and never saw them.

What I DID KNOW THOUGH is the MOST Senegalese have INCREDIBLY GOOD EYESIGHT... this is why!

They've been giving it to their children thru teas all their lives... every morning every person in every family in this country (Senegal) and The Gambia, next door drinks either Kinkleba or Doute' tea with breakfast.

SIDE NOTE:  Doute' comes from The Gambia and Kinkleba from Senegal. It's the same family of teas with the same properties except Doute' is also good for IBS whereas Kinkleba is good for stomach upset but not as good as Doute' for SEVERE PAIN BUT both are EXCELLENT for weight loss because of their diuretic properties when combined with citrus, (lime, lemon, orange juice, fresh squeezed is more effective).

doute%20and%20kinkleba%20memes.jpgBoth are INTENSELY GOOD ANTI OXIDANTS for people with Diabetes and they also are an appetite suppressant and curb hunger before lunch or dinner.  I can go an entire day, without eating breakfast or lunch, eating until around 4/5pm, for dinner, only drinking one or another of these teas!  I don't eat before 2pm or after 6pm.

FYI: I sell both of them along with our other HEALING TEAS in teabags 3 packs for $25.50 including shipping - . I have posted photos and info on other WeBuyBlack.com listings separately.  Just put 'AfricanHerbal' in the WeBuyBlack.com search engine.

Getting back to the 'DIAR' - the subject of this particular post:

As you can see from the photos, they grow attached to a branch and we simply pick them off and throw a few in the drinks. (pics 6, 7 and 10). They have seeds in the middle so you can put some aside and plant them yourself! (pics 5 & 6)

USE & DIRECTIONS: All you do is put 3 'sticks' in your pot and boil with your tea or for coffee, put it in your filter. It doesn't add or detract from any taste that I've noticed in tea but it gives a mild chicory flavor to coffee.

If, when it seems kinda dead, throw them away and add more. I reuse 3x or more, just adding more and leaving the ones already in the pot there until I get around to cleaning out my teapot!

Shown here is 1 pound total, (pic 1)  and 3 bags that are 150 grams each, (pics 7 & 8) - it's pretty much a lifetime supply! lol! Just kidding! There's enough though for you to use with your own family for 6 MONTHS or more, and share with friends or SELL to co-workers, church acquaintances, folks with temporary vision problems and older people.

Also post them online using my photos if you like or take your own more professional pictures. The cost is $25.50 for 1 pound so there's a LOT of potential to make $100 easily just by selling $5 packages. See picture 9 with the little baggies on top? That's what I'm talking about. You can go to an herbal or alternative healing shop and sell one of your bags for $30 and your entire order will be paid for!

By the way, we sell retail plastic Ziploc packaging in various sizes too at $25.50 including shipping if you'd like to go into business - I CAN HELP!, Our plastic bags are MADE IN DAKAR, SENEGAL, WEST AFRICA (FUBU STYLE!)

not China 


so u can sell ANY of our AfricanHerbal products EASILY online or at vending events!  Keep that in mind for the summer and holiday seasons!

TRUE STORY:  My son had a HORRIBLE EYE INFECTION that he picked up along with a coworker when moving old and dusty boxes from one place to another at work.  Jonathan was off for about 2 weeks and had terrible eye pressure and pain. I was nervous that he was going to lose his job so I started asking around about herbal alternatives for eye care and went to the Organic Farmer's Market (where I get our Moringa Oil - yep, $25.50 including shipping on a separate WeBuyBlack.com listing!); they told me about Diar and I took photos.  (last picture).  I didn't buy it there because I wanted large quantities but the package that I saw is shown in picture 10,  and you can see the scientific name, Xylopia Aethiopica.

The drops weren't doing anything, we tried it the 'modern' way and he didn't seem to be getting any better.

I knew Moringa was good for eye problems so I simply added 1/4tsp of Moringa powder (also sold for $25.50 on a separate Etsy.com listing!) to our Soursop tea, boiled all three together and popped a stick of Diar in ALL the bottles to be sure he drank the infused tea.

Picture 2 is a bottle of Soursop tea I made with Moringa powder (floating on the bottom) and Diar floating on top so he would know which ones were for him.  I bottle and sell my teas locally, frozen slushy style as iced tea in the neighborhood.

He was fine and back to work within a week. 

The whites of his eyes are still brown/red but the pain and suffering is gone and for all intents and purposes, he's healthy as a horse because the Moringa/Soursop combo also got rid of his asthma previously. Diar is good for bronchitis & asthma but he's a smoker unfortunately.  

Using both Moringa and Diar can only help keep his lungs clear.  The Soursop has anti-cancer properties and is good for prostate health as well. He's 25 and will prob live to be 125!

He/we ALL drink all three of these items (including my 1.4yr old grandson!) in one or more bottles of iced tea, daily. I sometimes add lime juice to give it a diuretic kick since Moringa and Soursop are also good for weight loss. I've read it's also good for joint pain, rheumatism & arthritis and used as a spice in food and soups in Africa.

That's a smart way to use it if you can't get the kids to just drink it down - Moringa is used in soup in specific dishes as well in West Africa, and it grows wild here in Senegal.  In fact, I have a Moringa tree on my back terrace!

So there you have it! Diar or Xylopia Aethiopica my SenegalStylel


$7.50 for a SAMPLE PACKAGE - 10 grams

$25.50 including shipping for 1lb of product!  

Thank you for LOOKING and have a GREAT WEEK!


Product questions

  • Joycelin Arruda
    Jun 3, 2020, 11:51 PM

    How do I use the pepper to my grinded and making in a t how do I grind it etc is it really good for asthma

    Jun 9, 2020, 05:40 AM

    Hello Joycelin and thanks for writing!

    I actually sell Negro pepper already ground and ready to use - I wouldn't suggest grinding it yourself unless you have a really good heavy duty grinder to pulverize it.

    Regarding Asthma, I would suggest you get the Moringa tea (3 bags, total 60) for $25.50 or 400g of Moringa powder and make a tea ($25.50 for about 1lb) ALONG WITH the Negro pepper. Put a few sticks in the water and boil with the tea, drink daily and your asthma will go down OVER TIME. It's not an immediate thing but within a week you'll start feeling better.

    Moringa is a MIRACLE HERB that gets overlooked in the US but Africans and Asians have known the healing power of Moringa for centuries!

    I would suggest you get 1lb of Negro pepper (powder/sticks half and half and be sure you say that when you order) and 1lb of Moringa powder, both are $25.50 and you'll have a good supply of all three items!



  • Augustine Ansu Aboagye
    May 25, 2020, 07:27 AM

    How can I get this uda?

    Jun 1, 2020, 04:05 PM

    Hello Augustine and thanks for writing! Sorry for the delay in responding - I didn't see your message.

    To answer your question, you simply order it thru the site and wait patiently for it to be delivered by the USPS. If you need it right away, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER... it's not worth the aggravation for you or me. The USPS is very slow right now and US Customs is backed up. They have put everything on hold for a minute so we can take your order, prepare the package for shipping and take it to the post office. When the US gives us the thumbs up again we're already in line to ship first.

    That's the way it works now and everyone has gotten their stuff. It's going to be 3 to 4 weeks however instead of 3 to 4 days.



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