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16 oz 4-Pack - Zion Springs Supply 9.5+ Alkaline Mineral Water
16 oz 4-Pack - Zion Springs Supply 9.5+ Alkaline Mineral Water 16 oz 4-Pack - Zion Springs Supply 9.5+ Alkaline Mineral Water

16 oz 4-Pack - Zion Springs Supply 9.5+ Alkaline Mineral Water

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Why Drink Zion Springs Supply?:


Drinking alkaline water isn't just healthy for you. It's necessary. With Zion Springs Supply 9.5+ alkaline mineral water, you're getting water the way it was meant for the human body. It won't just revitalize you, as water should. It will also help cure ailments in your body that most wouldn't think was possible.


As Dr. Sebi once pointed out, its imperative that one keeps their body in an alkaline state, and said, "This is important - and instrumental in our success in reversing pathologies - because disease can only exist in an environment that is acidic; thus it is inconsistent to utilize inorganic substances when treating disease because they are of an acid base. Only consistent use of natural botanical remedies will effectively cleanse and detoxify a diseased body, reversing it to its intended alkaline state."


He's not the only person who has said this. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg said that, "No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment." He also said, "Every single person who has cancer has a pH that is too acidic."


The best way to combat and cure one's self from disease and cancer is to return their body to an alkaline state. The body is composed of over 74% water. So, not only is it important to eat more alkaline foods, but it's even MORE important to drink alkaline water. With Zion Springs Supply 9.5+ alkaline mineral water, you can recover and be totally cured from: Diabetes, Arthritis, Hyper Tension, Obesity and even Sickle Cell Anemia, Lupus, Leukemia and other cancers, Epilepsy, Fibroid Tumors and many many more diseases and other ailments. Your brain is composed of 80% water, and with Zion Springs Supply 9.5+ alkaline mineral water, it can help eliminate brain fog and increase brain cognitivity. The benefits of drinking alkaline water goes beyond all we can list here. 


Zion Springs Supply 9.5+ alkaline mineral water is a natural antioxidant. That means it revitalizes and re-energizes the cells in your body. This also, in turns, energizes your immune system which helps it combat harmful germs and diseases. Revitalized cells also help your body carry oxygen better, which helps prevent cancerous cells from forming and multiplying. Alkaline water absorbs faster into your system, which will allow your body to get a boost in energy. It also helps your body detoxify, and when your body detoxifies, it leads to healthy weight loss, more energy, quieter rest, and many many more health benefits. 



Why make this water available?:


Because African Americans do not have access to clean water as easily as other races do - especially in places such as Flint Michigan. Also, most African Americans cannot afford to install sophisticated filtration systems in their homes, let alone adding in the minerals they need for their bodies to function properly. The water that comes from our tap water is highly contaminated, even in places outside of Flint.


According to the Washington Post, "On Thursday, USA Today reported that “hundreds of schools across the nation” have lead-tainted water, exposing children to “excessive amounts of an element doctors agree is unsafe at any level.” The story relied on an analysis of Environmental Protection Agency data, which it said revealed that “about 350 schools and day-care centers failed lead tests a total of about 470 times from 2012 through 2015.”"


Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2016/03/17/its-not-just-flint-lead-taints-water-across-the-u-s-the-epa-says/


Drinking clean water shouldn't be a privilege, but a human right, yet our people (especially in Flint) aren't given the rights that humans ought to have! So, we felt we needed to do something about it, and thus Zion Springs Supply was born.


How Is Zion Springs Supply water made?:


Zion Springs Supply is homemade, however, it's brought through several stages of filtering and purification before it hits the bottle.


The first stage is through a 5 stage 0.0001 micron reverse osmosis filtration system. This removes 99% of over 1,000 pollutants including, but not limited to: chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, pesticides, pathogens, bacteria, sulfur, THMs, PFOA and PFOS and etc. After this filtration, the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) averages to about 6 ppm (Parts Per Million). The lower the number the fewer solvents are present. Tap water in the US averages to anywhere to around 130 ppm to over 300 ppm, and those solvents are not minerals.


The second stage is the addition of trace minerals. Trace minerals are naturally found in fresh water springs, rivers and even oceans. Trace minerals are also found in healthy soil where fruits and vegetables grow. Such minerals would include sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, and etc. Your body needs trace amounts of these minerals in order to function. The food in which you eat from the grocery store unfortunately does not contain many of these minerals. Because of this, your body struggles to keep everything functioning smoothly. The end result leads to sicknesses, malnutrition and disease.


In the third stage, the water is put into double chamber BPA-free water ionizers, and is put through a natural chemical-free process called electrolysis (go ahead and Google "water electrolysis"). Using platinum coated titanium anodes, the water is further purified by separating and "re-stacking" the water molecule (h20). This not only alkalizes the water, but it pulls harmful minerals away (such as small amounts of fluoride and chlorine that may not have been filtered in the first step), and attracts healthy minerals (such as calcium). 


To assure the water is at least 9.5 or higher when brought to you, it is brought to a 10.0 or higher pH balance. The reason why is because, over time, water can lose its alkalinity (albeit slowly).


The fourth and final stage is putting the water into a BPA-free water tamper-proof water bottle. It's also animal by-product free.

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