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3 EmpressBody Detox Pearls
3 EmpressBody Detox Pearls 3 EmpressBody Detox Pearls 3 EmpressBody Detox Pearls 3 EmpressBody Detox Pearls

3 EmpressBody Detox Pearls

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EmpressBody pearls work by the specially selected herbs creating a pulling effect that draws toxins,bad bacteria, dead cells, old bloodclots,mucus and more from your yoni while at the same time tightening your yoni and deterring vaginal dryness and other ailments.

he ingredients regulate the function of endocrine gland secretion, normalize blood circulation, improve facial skin complexion/wrinkles/hyper-pigmentation. They also treat the following gynecological ailments: endometriosis, cervical erosion and dysplasia, pelvic inflammatory disease, haemorrhoids (aids in wound healing, bleeding cessation, removal of nodules).

EmpressBody™ Detox pearls are manufactured in the most sterile environment that has been approved by the “GMP” standard (quality standard). They do not contain any chemical additives and have passed more than 1000 clinical trials that confirmed the safety of the ingredients – they cause no side effects and are absolutely non-toxic.


Main Ingredients

Refined from Osthol, Stemona sessilifolia , Kochiascoparia, motherwort, Rhizoma smilacis glabrae, Angelica, Rhizoma chuianxiong and borneol.

Osthole/ Cnidium- increases sexual libido,fertility and clears skin, also good for infections or any bacteria build up.

Stemona sessilifolia- helps regulate blood flow around womb while killing parasites, helps to relax tension in uterine muscles which can cause menstrual cramps for women with endometriosis.

Kochia Scoparia- anti fungal effect, eases itching and problematic urination.

Motherwort - helps to regulate menstrual cycle while removing toxins around the perineum area.

Rhizoma smilacis- anti-flammatory properties, expels toxins, alleviates pain, helps to treat gonorrhoea.

Angelica- known for its use in treating menopause,cramps and PMS. Useful to end hot flashes, also seen as a natural aphrodisiac.

Rhizoma chuianxiong- important ingredient for gynaecological disorders, eliminates cold pathogens in the vagina, promotes blood circulation, helps with blood stasis.

Borneol- very rare herb,reduces pain and hot flashes, plays an important role in severe disease also while tightening vaginal muscles.

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