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The Ankh Waist Bead

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The Ankh Waist Bead! Designed entirely with the strength of woman in mind! -the black beads represent; Power and Protection. -the white beads represent; Truth, Light and Purity. *The white beads are from Ghana. *Located on either side of the Ghana bead are two extremely this black beads also from Ghana. *All waist beads are made by hand. The designs of our waist beads are chosen by the designers at Get Waisted Beads. We believe in empowering woman through the power of beads. *Our waist beads are made with three different types of string. You can choose to have your waist bead made with elastic string that comes with a screw clasp. This allows you to remove your waist bead if desired. The second option is to have your waist bead strung with a fishing line type plastic string. With fishing line you’re unable to remove your beads. The string is not stretchy like the elastic. This is not recommended for first time waist bead wearers. The fishing line strung waist beads are meant to be permanent. In order to secure the bead you must tie it into 4-6 knots. Removing any excess string. The third option is thread with the same instructions as the fishing line. When purchasing your bead be sure to add in the personalization section what type of string you desire.

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