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The Black Jasper Waist Bead

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The Black Jasper Waist Beads was made with Egyptian gold accent beads. Black Jasper will give you protection from danger, bad spells, and harmful energies. It will also keep you safe, especially when you work in high-risk occupations. This stone is associated with your base chakra, and it will keep you grounded and balance out your feelings of spaciness. It will increase your motivation and make you more productive on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Black Jasper will help you achieve stability in your life. It will make you feel physically and emotionally strong. It will help you connect to your higher vibrations and ground you to the earth. The energies of Black Jasper are also excellent with manifestation work. It will absorb all negative energies and transmute them to make them more beneficial to you and your life. It will bring you positivity and good luck when you find yourself in any kind of confrontation. On a physical level, Black Jasper can be an effective pain reliever. It can also help in the healing and recovery process of hip or joint replacement. It can be especially good in treating foot and digestive ailments. It can maintain the balance of the body’s mineral intake and help regain balance and strength after surgery or prolonged illness. Jasper is believed to stimulate and prolong your sexual pleasure, and help in the treatment of infertility and low sex drive. It can help stop bleeding and protect against infection from wounds. It’s known to be helpful in regulating the digestive process and in protecting the spleen, liver, and gallbladder. *All waist beads are made by hand. The designs of our waist beads are chosen by the designers at Get Waisted Beads. We believe in empowering woman through the power of beads. *Price varies when adding additional strings to your waist bead. *Please add in the notes if you'd prefer elastic string or fishing line. Along with if you'd like a clasp or to tie on your waist bead.

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