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FreeShipping-158cm Real Adult Life Sex Dolls with Big Breast, Full Size Silicone with skeleton Love Doll for Men

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Brand Name: AYIREN
Obscene Picture: No
Sexually Suggestive: No
Item Type: Sex Dolls
Material: 100% TPE with metal skeleton
Model Number: DX-AB37-158
3 Holes: mouth /vagina/ anus
Functions: For oral Sex / breast / vagina/ anus sex
Advantage: safe ,soft ,smooth, real feel,no peculiar smell,top quality
List of items: Sex doll, Wig, Random Clothes, Gloves, Cleaner
Certification: CE,RoHS

????Product made of high quality silicone, soft, elastic, skin-friendly, no smell, more convenient to carry, anti-allergic, can be used with confidence.
???? Exquisite face, just like a heart-beating girl next door. Realisticeyes, big cups, soft touch, plump body, satisfy our various imaginations.

How to Clean and maintenance of sex dolls

① General cleaning method
If the doll accidentally gets dirty or dusty, you can try to wipe it with a wet towel and body wash. If you encounter dirt that cannot be cleaned up by the shower gel, try using a cleansing oil to remove it.

If you encounter a large area of ​​contamination of the doll, you can also consider taking the doll to the bathroom for direct cleaning if the environment permits. In terms of water temperature, dolls can accept the temperature that real human skin can withstand. Note that dolls made of TPE are more sensitive to temperature. Do not use excessively high temperature water (above 60 degrees) to "disinfect" TPE dolls. TPE material It may be deformed due to high temperature.

If you encounter dirt that can't even be removed by cleansing oil, it may be stained! ! Continue to look down.

What if the physical doll is dyed?

Due to the material properties of silica gel and TPE, some dark dyes are particularly easy to cause adsorption, the so-called dyeing. When you put your doll in dark clothes or sit on a dark sofa, you find that the baby's body has bruise-like purple-black stains that cannot be removed with cleansing oil, which is a staining phenomenon.

At this point, you can buy doll maintenance powder online, apply a thin layer on the dyed area and let it stand for one day, and the dyeing will be lightened or completely removed. If the dyeing is only lightened but not completely removed, just apply one or two more Second, it can be completely removed, don’t worry.

Clean focus
When it is contaminated with dust: It is recommended to use a wet towel and wipe it with shower gel.

When the dust range is large: Take the doll to the bathroom and wash it directly. (Water temperature below 60 degrees)

When the shower gel cannot be removed: Use cleansing oil to remove it.

Dyeing removal: Use maintenance powder, apply a thin layer on the dyed area and let it stand for one day.

② Cleaning method after use
General dolls can be used in the following parts: mouth, vagina, anus.

Most dolls can be used in these three parts, but a few brands of dolls only have one or two of the functions. No matter which brand of doll, her mouth or anus must be of "one-piece" design, that is, the internal passage and body are not detachable and separate, but the vagina is not necessarily. Some dolls’ private parts are designed to be detachable. "Designed to remove the name device (private passage) and clean it after use.

If you choose a monolithic doll, you may need to move the entire doll into the bathroom for cleaning after use.

No matter what method you use to clean the doll, remember to wrap the doll with a towel after washing, and "pat it dry" gently. Do not wipe it hard to avoid scratches on the surface of the doll.

However, the inside of the channel can be rolled into a strip of thick paper towels and stuffed to absorb the water. After the water on the doll is dry, remember the last talcum powder (talcum powder) to keep the baby's skin in the best touch.

③ General maintenance method
Usually, the body of a sex doll will have continuous and chronic oil production. Depending on the material of the physical doll, the oil production will be different.

Strictly speaking, the oil of high-grade silicone dolls is slight, while the oil of TPE dolls is more obvious. After the dolls are oiled, they will make the baby's body feel bad (astringent, sticky) and easy to get dust. Therefore, in order to keep the dolls The body is smooth and soft to the touch, regular maintenance is particularly important.

The maintenance method is very simple. You only need to use prickly heat powder and a set of baby puff boxes, and apply the prickly heat powder evenly on the doll. In this way, it can also avoid the dyeing problem caused by the color of the clothes.


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