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Up to 50% off WIG GRIP Comfort Support Band (Non-Slip) | Hair | Assorted Colors| Bride | Wedding | Bridesmaid | HairCare | Closure | Frontal

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WHAT IS A WIG GRIPPER? THE WAY FORWARD IN WIG WEARING. A wig grip is a unique wig accessory that we guarantee will secure your wig in place, without the aid of glue, wig combs, sew in, elastic band or bobby pins. A wig grip will hold your wig in place without sliding every which way, it also helps protect your natural hairline and edges as well as not damaging your wig in any way. She Stays Wig Grip is perfect for any wig wearer regardless of hair type, texture, or consistency. Stay worry-free when you wear an Original Wig Grip Comfort Band. This comfortable Wig Grip is non-slip and it simplifies your life by eliminating the need for clips, glue or tape. It is extremely durable and absorbent and is ideal for any weather or physical activity. This amazing band eliminates tension and headaches, prevents bald spots, and safely secures your wigs, scarves, and beanies in place. COMFORT: Prevents headaches by eliminating wig-related tensions and places a barrier between your scalp and the wig's interior cap lining by offering a snug and secure barrier. LIGHTWEIGHT: A unique blend of absorbent fibers makes the Wig Grip lightweight yet durable for daily wear in any weather or in any type of physical activity. NON-SLIP: Unique patented construction securely keeps your wig and/or scarf or beanie in place with no glue or tape so you don't have to fuss with it throughout the day. VERSATILITY: This adjustable design offers a one size fits all solution so you can quickly tailor to your preferences and head size with ease. Eliminates Wig Fasteners - Fasten your wig or scarf securely without clips or combs. Eliminates tension points and headaches. Eliminates bald spots. Adjustable One Size Fits All - This simple elastic based design composed of a special patented custom blend of fibers enables for a perfect fit on any head size or shape. Adjustable elastic closure ensures a secure non-slip fit that is durable. Machine Washable. Not only wearable under wigs. This versatile Wig Grip can be worn with human hair and synthetic pieces and toppers, scarves, beanies, hats and more. This product is ideal for hair-loss patients, wig wearers, cosplay, cancer patients and more.

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