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Revolutionize Healing

Many of us grow up suffering from plenty of ailments as a child into our early adulthood. It may be Skin problems, teeth problems, or everything about our bodies seem to be screaming for help. Little do we know many of the products we used, that our family uses and so many others use; over time cause plenty of these discrepancies. From what we use to clean our teeth, to what we use on our skin, to the very lights we turn on in our household. To Be Green was started to provide not only health beneficial products, but also authentic information on the best ways to promote the health of our bodies and the earth. 

Universoul Tonic is here to educate and spread awareness onto the benefits of using products that keep us closer to the original biological patterns and functions of the earth. There is a wide array of products on the market that affect us in seemingly undetectable ways, and To Be Green is for the advancement of the Earth to successfully create a sustainable environment for all living things—environmentally, socially, through collective currency.

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