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About us

WeBuyBlack.com is an online marketplace for Black owned businesses to showcase and sell their products to a global community.

What drives WeBuyBlack is a community of creative entreprenuers who use WeBuyBlack to sell their products, thousands of shoppers who believe supporting these entreprenuers to affect social change, and the committed staff of WeBuyBlack.


French news outlet France 24 covers WeBuyBlack.com founder Shareef Abdul Malik and the Buy Black movement spreading across the US.

Buy from the black community

- Shop unique items from thousands of Black owned businesses all across the world.

- Find everythign you need and want directly from the black community.

- Help circulate dollars in our community to lower our highest rates of joblessness, homelessness, and poverty.

We Are In This Together

Did you know that a dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish for nearly 20 days and white communities for 17 days? Well, unfortunately a dollar circulates in the Black community for only 6 hours. Recognizing this fact, our team has designed extra features to ensure our dollars circulate at a rate equal to or better than any other people, and here's how:

  • Join our referral program and receive commissions from vendors you helped set up on all their future sales.
  • Belong to a Non-profit? Register it now and receive commissions on your congregation's future purchases. Hurry you are already missing out!
  • Bloggers and journalist, let's set your retirement. Register now to receive an affiliate code. Help others to start selling and receive commissions on all their future sales.
Everyone Should Benefit
Let's solve our issue

Let’s solve our issue

Did you know that Blacks in America have the highest rates for joblessness, homelessness, poverty, crime, and imprisonment? Well, did you know that Black owned businesses are the 2nd highest employer of African Americans after the government? Therefore, if we continue to support and help create sustainable Black owned businesses we will reduce the unfortunate statistics aforementioned. To remedy these systematic and multi-generational issues we must remain steadfast in supporting those that will support us.

Systematic Progress

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