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This shop is designed with YOU (the African Diaspora) in mind by US (Members of the African Diaspora). We endeavor to build a relationship that will bring QUALITY products to YOU at an affordable price.  We define the African Diaspora to be all geographical areas where African people have a presence due to either force(slavery) or choice (immigration ). The vast majority of movement by Africans from Mother Africa have been by force into the East African Slave Trade and later the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of West Africa.  This caused there to be an African presence on Earth from North America to China. Hence, we seek to present products from Africa,  North America, Mexico, the Carribean Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Central America, South America, Middle East, India, Indonesia, and China. All these countries and continents hold sigificant African cultural presence. We are indeed everywhere... We pride ourselves on dealing with all the various countries where there has been an African presence.

PLEASE NOTE: We make every effort to describe our products as what they are. There is no need to sell anything to anyone that is not what it intends to be. Musical instruments that are for professional use ( and prices will reflect this fact) are described as such. When they are not then they are for home decor purposes only. As is stated in our return policy you have 30 days to return a product you are dissatisfied with and we will refund your money per our policy. We don't need you to keep something you feel or think you did not order. 

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