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AfricanHerbal & SenegalStyle 100% FUBU PRODUCTS for WHOLESALE & RETAIL VENDORS! Freshly Manufactured AfricanHerbal Products SHIPPED DIRECTLY from THE MOTHERLAND! #ADOS! PURE AFRICAN BLACK SOAP! 2 for $25.50 OR 40 for $150.50 INCLUDING SHIPPING!

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Skin & Hair Problems... the BAIN of our EXISTENCE RIGHT?! Not ANYMORE THOUGH! 

I figured it out a long time ago:  It's not HOW MANY products you use, it's WHAT YOU USE FROM WHERE... GO BACK TO YOUR ORIGINS (WEST Africa) and BUY PRODUCTS MADE 


and you will find the KEY to HEALTHY HAIR & SKIN like I DID! 


My name is Sineta George and I'm #ADOS American from Pensacola, FL originally.  I have been living in Dakar, Senegal for 20+ years and I'm 57 years young.  I'm going to show you some photos below that will PROVE that the products I will be sharing with you are not only 100% FRESHLY MADE & SOURCED IN AFRICA, NOT ASIA and they are 


West African people from the SeneGambia region have BEAUTIFUL SKIN; did you ever wonder WHY?  What are they doing that we don't do?  

I AM GOING TO SHOW & TELL IT ALL! Look at the 'full description' below & 

WELCOME to my SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal WORLD! 


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 Those photos above are of ME!  

My hair, my skin, 100% natural, no makeup no fillers, weaves (ever!) or wigs.  This is what a HEALTHY 57 looks like! 

BELIEVE IT OR NOT I only have 5 items IN MY HOME that I use for HAIR & SKIN CARE; that's IT and I will share every single one of them thru posts here on WeBuyBlack.com!  #1 Moringa powder, I couldn't LIVE without it! Moringa GROWS MY HAIR and keeps my skin & body healthy. #2 African Black Soap for body/hand washing, shown here and another kind in bar form with made with honey, #3 Aloe Vera Shampoo bars for washing my very long dreads, #4 Mali Shea Butter - from MALI not GHANA it's a different tree, type, has different properties and it DOES NOT STINK like Ghana butter and #5 100% natural BLACK HAIR DYE (not henna, but plant based)! haha! It's great stuff!

 I save a TON OF MONEY because I'm not buying a bunch of oils and sprays and creams and conditioners for my hair or various products for my skin; ALL THE (expensive)STUFF that modern folks tell us YOU NEED TO HAVE.  

NO YOU DON'T.  No You Do Not!  I'm old school - back in the day people dreaded their hair to GET AWAY FROM SPENDING A LOT OF MONEY & TIME ON PRODUCTS MADE BY ASIANS... now it's done FLIPPED & our folks spend more money on something that's basically FREE, (do your own hair!) made in Asia & India (with a 'black owned' label or 'ethnic' theme perhaps to make us feel better about out purchase) and Mexico (Gorilla Snot... really???lol!) than we ever did back then!  

It doesn't make any sense! lol! 

The #1 thing, the first & MOST IMPORTANT item for people with SKIN PROBLEMS OR EXCESSIVE DANDRUFF (like I USED TO HAVE) is the subject of this post.



What I am showing here is an AUTHENTIC HISTORICAL PHOTO of West African women with their naturally locked hair.  The LENGTH IS INCREDIBLE isn't it?  We CAN GROW OUR HAIR JUST LIKE THIS using AUTHENTIC WEST AFRICAN PRODUCTS - I have - 3 times!  

This is ME 20yrs ago, the 1st time I locked my hair, didn't know better and was talked into getting a bazillion tiny locs - what a pain in the butt, literally, they were to maintain! I used 100% PURE African Black Soap exclusively then, as a shampoo and it gave me great color too.  I am a natural brunette and the African Black Soap highlighted and lightened it in some places.  It was cute but I moved to Africa and got too busy to maintain it by myself so I cut them off and started over:


and just for grins, my son when he was younger, and me about 10 years ago after I redid my dreads into thicker locks myself.  This is the 2nd time but they got long and I cut them back again.  I am now on my 3rd set of locks.  

Baby boy is now he a grown man, still living here in Senegal (a REAL American African!) with a family of his own - no dreads anymore though! Little%20Jonathan%20%20Mom.jpg

And this is me today, June 2017, 57yrs old, hair still growing like crazy!  

This is the 3rd round of dreads... it's not locked in the front because I like having options as to styling.  I'm also in the tourism business so I need my hair to be neat and professional looking.  I wash daily with either African Black Soap or Aloe Vera Shampoo bars (mentioned above and listed here on WeBuyBlack.com), brush it down and twist what needs it while it's wet and put on a regular cheapo du rag to smooth down my edges and give me some waves on top!  I let it air dry and it stays damp thruout the day so it's always 'moist' and doesn't break off.  

That's IT!  I twist and maintain myself, weekly, 2 weeks, a month if I'm lazy or whatever but the key is to keep twisting your hair to keep them organized and neat looking.  The manipulation draws blood to your scalp and makes your hair grow faster.  I just do it when I'm watching tv. 

 Beauticians tell you not to touch it... because they want you to pay them! lol! You can do your own hair and if you keep it up yourself and if you let the top grow out, it will end up like this, dreads on the bottom, but not on top.




So THIS is the SenegalStyle DIFFERENCE!  How many people can go back DECADES and PROVE WHAT THEY SAY IS TRUE?  They just post a picture of their product and say 'use this, it's great for ____' but they don't PROVE ANYTHING.  

They are just talking... ME?  I can PROVE IT.  Look at my face, my skin, my hair.  It's not 'good genes' it's GOOD LIVING!  

NOW you can BUY ALL MY AfricanHerbal AND SenegalStyle PRODUCTS WITH CONFIDENCE BECAUSE YOU SEE THEY WORK.  I don't sell or suggest ANYTHING to ANYONE unless I have used it myself and with my family to be sure the information and advice I give is true and honest.  That's how I do business. 

This is Baby Boy when he started growing his locs again.  He had to cut them off to get into a private high school here.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get where you want to be.  Like he said at the time 'it's just hair, it will grow back!' lol!  

YES IT WILL FELLAS, especially using 100% AfricanHerbal Black Soap as SHAMPOO DAILY!


YES, I document EVERYTHING with photos to BACK UP WHAT I SAY! LOL!

100% PURE AFRICAN BLACK SOAP.  I dilute the soap in water to LIQUEFY IT - PURE BLACK SOAP IS STRONG; it's better for us to dilute it, put in a SQUIRT BOTTLE and use as a SHAMPOO and for HAND WASHING.  I will send you directions and instructions for use when you order.  I also make it in 10L bottles and sell it to local schools and at vending events.


 The antiseptic and anti bacterial properties make it PERFECT FOR HAND WASHING & cleaning cuts & scrapes, especially if you work in a school or hospital. 

100% PURE AFRICAN BLACK SOAP is EXCELLENT for ACNE, SKIN DISCOLORATION, DRY SCALY SKIN & ECZEMA due to vaccines or other allergies.  Also use it as a SHAMPOO to get rid of dry scalp & dandruff! 

FELLAS.... RAZOR BUMPS!  Shave using the foam created with 100% PURE AfricanHerbal Black Soap and you will see your bumps go down and eventually fade.  Skin discoloration will go away to OVER TIME... it won't be overnight but you WILL SEE IT FADING OVER TIME.  


LADIES & TEENS - ACNE WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST! My sons & daughter rarely got pimples back in the day (teen photo).  Even now Jonathan STILL has beautiful skin because he STILL uses African Black Soap! 


AND ME TOO!  Believe it or not I used to have HORRIBLE DANDRUFF & ECZEMA as a teen and adult in the US.  When I came to Senegal and started using THE REAL THING FUBU SOAP FOR US, BY US, all my bumps and skin discoloration (from Lupus - gone now, long story another time!) went away! 


Since I LIVE IN AFRICA I have a freshly made supply; my items don't come from a CONTAINER that came to America 5 years ago and have been sitting around the African shop forever... Yes, our stuff costs a little more but that's because it's NEW and not being sold off at cut rate, clearance prices AND they are shipped regular mail, thru the post office FROM AFRICA so yes, I have to add $2 bucks for FRESH (and WeBuyBlack & Paypal fees! lol!) and you'll find it's well worth the price!  

Let me show you some more photos tho... a picture is worth a THOUSAND WORDS RIGHT?

Many soaps are light brown, old, cracked and have CONGELATED WHITE FAT RUNNING THRU OUT Pay attention to what you buy on the streets and at African markets. They are DUMPING OLD PRODUCTS ON US because we don't know the difference.  It's not something we grew up with.  Well I DO & I WILL SHOW YOU PHOTOS HERE!

This is what it's supposed to look like fresh out of the package (raw)


This is what I see online ALL THE TIME and I can only WISH I had a platform to reach our people to share the difference.  I pulled this at random off of Google.  See the white, congelated I don't know what they are using as 'fillers' like it's been 'stepped on' inside the soap?  Look at ours above again and see the difference for yourself, it's not the same.


If your soap looks like this and you're happy with it, FINE... but give ours a try so you have something to compare it with.  I'm telling you, pure soap (pure anything) is ALWAYS going to be better!  You can SELL OUR SOAP TO OTHER VENDORS as a base so they can continue to make theirs too! 

Every Single Thing I Sell is FRESH and/or BRAND NEW; that's what I will SEND YOU and that's the AfricanHerbal DIFFERENCE!  



You will get 2 PACKAGES/1 lb shipping weight of 100% AUTHENTIC BLACK SOAP for $25.50 including shipping.

  This is our LOW MINIMUM WHOLESALE PRICE - I UNDERSTAND EVERYBODY AIN'T ABLE but everybody that SERIOUSLY wants to get into setting up their OWN online business can afford $25 a month to buy 2 products, SELL ONE using the photos I provide (I have EXTENSIVE ALBUMS of all our products) and POST THEM YOURSELF on WeBuyBlack and other online platforms.  

DISTRIBUTOR RATES:  for 40 packs of 100% AUTHENTIC AfricanHerbal BLACK SOAP is $150.50 INCLUDING SHIPPING!  That's $3.75 each!

The DISTRIBUTOR package weighs about 20lbs and I PERSONALLY PREPARE & SHIP to insure you get the BEST QUALITY & FRESHEST PRODUCTS AVAILABLE!  There is a SEPARATE POST here on WeBuyBlack.com for Distributor Packages.  

This post is for our basic starter/sample package however, 2 for $25.50.



JUST PUT 'SenegalStyle WHOLESALE' in the WeBuyBlack search engine and ALL our posts will come up OR just ASK if you don't see what you're looking for and I'll make a post for it!  

NOTE:  WE CANNOT nor do we intend to circumvent the WeBuyBlack.com marketplace.  Although I am a WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC MANUFACTURER & SUPPLIER my purpose and duty are to HELP build the WeBuyBlack.com platform and for YOU START YOUR OWN BUSINESS.  If you would like to contact me and explore other product lines that may or may not be listed, FEEL FREE and we'll work it out! 

  Thank you for your understanding! 

The photos at the top, the row on the bottom show more detail about shipping, what our packages look like and what you can expect to receive.  I've also including packaging materials for YOU to buy if you need it for vendor events and to display/ship YOUR ITEMS for retail!  I know this seems a bit confusing & convoluted, especially with me being in Senegal but it's not!  

You buy stuff all the time from ALL KINDS of whites and asians ONLINE all over the world right?  It's THE SAME THING!  You order, I ship.  Simple.

I am #ADOS from P'cola, FL, I'm NOT an internet scammer! lol!  I have followed HR40 and hope you guys can get your check!  I'm good in Africa, I don't need it! lol! You can google my name (Sineta George) and business(es) (SenegalStyle and AfricanHerbal) and you will see a LONG BACKGROUND HISTORY & TRACK RECORD in tourism & retail going back to 2000 ONLINE and before that, I owned a BLACK ART & BOOKSTORE called OUT OF AFRICA in University Mall in P'cola.  

Don't worry, we're LEGIT! 

 and LOOK at the shipping envelopes ON THE BOTTOM ROW.  They are all consistent, coming from the same place, going all over the world.  I use a return address in Vermont so if there's a problem with delivery, it goes there rather than coming all the way back to Senegal.  I have a space in the back of the post office to do my packaging and this is a photo of Mr Diouf, the manager there.  I sent this to him as a joke once with the picture sideways but you get the idea! lol! 



and speaking of shipping... PLEASE READ THE SMALL PRINT:


PLEASE NOTE I PERSONALLY WILL SHIP YOUR ITEMS DIRECTLY FROM SENEGAL - PROOF OF SHIPPING AND USPS TRACKING WILL BE PROVIDED.  I am not Jeff Bezos from Amazon, the Alibaba Dude or Tiger Direct... building a DOS NATION & GETTING TO THAT LEVEL TAKES TIME so your items won't be delivered in 3 days! lol!  

Our packages have to go thru US Customs so it's more like 3 to 4 weeks BUT DON'T WORRY - WE HAVE 100% TRACK RECORD!


This is what a typical shipment on a postal run looks like.  I hand write all the addresses personally in blue in with large letters and send you a PHOTO of your package, so you can show your carrier or identify it later if you have to pick it up - (last row above).  Packages heavier than 4lbs will have an OFFICIAL USPS TRACKING NUMBER and everything else will be sent regular mail because it's faster. 

See the COOL Senegalese stamps above you can keep for souvenirs & show your kids!!   Look in the background and you can see postal boxes - this is indeed at the post office!  Heavy items I ship in packages with handles so they are easier on the mail carriers AND YOU! 


Proceeds from your purchase goes towards SenegalStyle Serenity Diaspora Development for construction of our 'Home Away from Home' B&B apartment complex and Youth Hostel/Guesthouse for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games to be held in Senegal.  Our AMERICAN TEAM family members, friends and supporters will need a place to stay - an #ADOS American place to stay.  

That's what we're trying to build and why I opened this WeBuyBlack.com account (and not a 'GoFundMe')!    I/we cheerfully ACCEPT DONATIONS (Joy.be@cox.net on Paypal) but I prefer to EARN YOUR SUPPORT.  

If you ORDER STUFF and send me money, I send you products! 

There are a LOT of great items under the SenegalStyle & AfricanHerbal brand - put 'SenegalStyle' in the WBB search engine and see all the products we manufacture & distribute BOTH WHOLESALE (& RETAIL)!

The land has been purchased (by the beach of course!) and paid in full - now we just need construction funds and money for solar panels; afterwards fixtures and interior furnishings. We'll lay out organic gardens and add a pool/rec center.  It's GONNA HAPPEN and hopefully you'll loyally support our products and help us build an #ADOS HOME AWAY FROM HOME IN AFRICA!  And retire on the beach like I am! 

THANK YOU for looking!
and have A GREAT WEEK! 

Product questions

  • Nurriddeenah
    Oct 11, 2020, 04:49 PM

    Hi, I love the African black soap. It is definitely fresh and not like the one sole here. Id like to buy from you the large amount for $150. Please let me know how to do this. Thanks.

    Oct 13, 2020, 02:48 AM

    Hello Nuriden and thanks for your kind words! I have contacted you in email to follow up and will post separate listings later. Unfortunately the platform does not currenly allow for variations in quantities.

    Thanks for your understanding!!

    Sineta George
    SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal

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