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AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS is a book that reminds us that our actions really do matter in life. This amazing book will help guide you to an amazing life. Everyone has big dreams. The question becomes; “How do we turn our big dreams into an amazing life?” Oftentimes we are not quite sure if our lives will turn out the way that we hope and dream that they will. Fortunately, every dream leads to somewhere amazing. Life is what you make of it. Ronald Hickey tells us that it is our dreams that guide us along the way. What we hope for matters; and what we are made of matters. Our character and the habits we develop matters. What we demand from the universe with our actions will ultimately determine where we end up. 

AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS is a book that tells you as the reader exactly how to demand from the universe what you truly want out of life. The 19 AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS HABITS that are described in the book provide deep insight into the internal workings of the human spirit and how we experience life along this spectacular journey. Whether you are on an inspiring professional athlete, working your way through corporate America, or totally somewhere else; life truly can be lived amazingly well. Ronald Hickey reminds us that we are in total control of our lives. Every person who is willing to dream big and commit to being the absolute best person possible can live an amazing life. This book is inspiring and empowering. Ronald is truly a beautiful soul who has opened his heart and poured out the best of who he is so the world can drink from his cup. This is an amazing book by an amazing human who is living an AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS life.

AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS truly is an amazing book that is well-written and brilliant in every aspect. Ronald Hickey shows that he is as great of a human spirit. After reading this book you will be convinced that living an amazing life is something you and everyone can achieve. If you really want to start turning your big dreams into an amazing life, then this book is a must read! 

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Introduction: by Maurice “The Truth” Willis

The Universe is Your Friend

Up until about a few years ago, I had a habit of waking up very early every morning, 4 AM or so. I had a daily routine that I hoped would put my life on a trajectory that would fulfill my big dreams, dreams beyond the small town of East Bakewell, Tennessee. I was dreaming of being a music producer in the Hip Hop industry. Music was my very first love and the primary subject of all of my big dreams. The only problem was, as I would later realize, I was dreaming the wrong dream. Even though, I was a star point guard for my high school, I knew my high school basketball career would one day end. I didn’t dream of NBA stardom. I dreamed of the music industry, being like Lil Wayne and T.I. or “Tip.” So all during high school, I dreamed of being a great Hip Hop rap artist, lyricist, and songwriter. I dreamed I would be a music mogul like Jay Z or Dr. Dre. Yes, it was a big dream! It is still a big dream of mine to have a major impact in the music industry. Music has always been the bedrock of my talents and natural gifts.  I actually told friends when we were in high school that I would be a famous musical artist one day. When I am home in East Bakewell, my friends and I still talk about what I said in high school about being a star in the music industry. Although I was not aware at the time, God had even bigger plans. God always has your best interest in mind. So I continued to dream big, and along the way I have found myself having the most AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS life. 

Not everything has worked out as planned. That’s life. My first music venture was not successful for me. Others I was associated with were not honest people. Music that I created was taken from me illegally, and those I helped went on and had some success without acknowledging me. While music has not worked out, there are other things in my life that have me excited about waking every day. I have an amazing wife that loves me and wonderful children. I am now an ordained minister at one of the largest churches in Chattanooga, TN, and I am excited about expressing myself and my thoughts through this book, AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS. Because of my experiences, I know everyone can live an amazing life, even though every detail of your dreams does not materialize. Even when one dream or one hope does not come to fruition, you have to keep dreaming; you have to keep imagining; you have to keep up the hard work; you have to keep the faith that the universe is truly your friend. Each one of us has the power within ourselves to turn our lives into everything we want our lives to be. We simply need to tap into what is already inside. We simply need to act with purpose, commitment, and a big vision. Be ridiculous with your vision, for you really can become all that you imagine. Don’t play yourself small. Embrace a righteous set of principles and allow them to take you to a higher destination every day. If you commit to being who you really are and become the person you are really meant to be, your life will be AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS.

In this book, AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS, Ron Hickey, my cousin, and I share the character, habits, and principles that we have committed our lives to. I believe if you commit to developing these habits as we have, your life will be everything you dream of and hope for. And remember, life does not come down to one dream or one hope. When one dream does not work out, keep dreaming, just bigger and more boldly. In the end, an amazing life comes down to character and habits, and the principles that are shaped by both. No person is born with character; we have to build character. No person is born with habits; we have to create habits. Stay loyal to what you are, embrace the personal principles presented in this book, build stalwart character, create amazing habits, and be ridiculous and your life will be AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS.

The 19 total letters in the words “AMAZINGLY” and “RIDICULOUS” have been used to create corresponding words that frame the messages in the 19 AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS HABITS. Committing to developing the 19 habits described in the book helped me build the character, create the principles, and do the ridiculous things that have led to my big dreams coming true. The 19 words are used as a quick and easy means of memorizing the 19 habits. I believe simplicity is a destination that everyone should seek. These simple action items help simplify the process of developing your best character, forming your greatest habits, and achieving your wildest dreams. The character you develop and the habits you create form the amazing principles that eventually guide your entire life. A devotion to the principles you are able to form moves your life closer and closer to your peak. Your peak is where your life is simplified and you are absolutely everything you can be. Your peak is where you are ridiculous.

Here are the 19 AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS HABITS that have helped me create an AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS Life. Commit to developing each – starting today!

Amazingly – First say that you will live life amazingly, and then grow toward the light.

Motion – Stay in constant motion. Travel every day to the very edge of what you know.

Achieve – Achieve to your fullest potential. Come alive, set the world on fire, and give it exactly what it needs.

Zenith – Rise to your Zenith, the highest peak in your life. And live there!

Inspiration – Be Inspired by your dreams. They show you the possibilities and remind you of your true potential. Inspiration is necessary if you are to succeed at being You.

Now – Get in the NOW! Get TAPPED IN! Don’t tell your Amazingly Ridiculous life to wait.

Gifted – Look within yourself and discover what God has already given you. You already have every gift you need to live an amazing life.

Love – Fall deeply, head-over-heels, in love with yourself. You must love yourself first before you can truly love anyone or anything else.

You – Be You! Believe in You. Be Content with You. Accept You.

Ridiculous – Be Ridiculous! It really is the very ingredient that makes life everything it can be.

Imagination – Your imagination is your art. Become a great artist and let your life be the greatest masterpiece you paint onto the world.

Discovery – Dig into the depths of your own soul. That is where you will discover the real gold. All of the surface stuff is worthless.

Immediacy – Live in the Immediacy of your life. Tomorrow is not a guarantee, and yesterday may hold no value or no truths today.

Complete – Live a complete three-dimensional life. Become Cubic in the length, width, and height of your life; and accept who you are—completely.

Ultra – Take life to the ultra-limits, then discover what is beyond. Be fearless. Don’t play yourself small.

Leap – Take Quantum Leaps when possible, and move with intensity at all times.

Overachieve – Don’t be mediocre. Overachieve in all that you do! Overachievement will drive you to nobility; to being impressive, courageous, generous, trustworthy, and at the highest state of self-awareness; all of which, you should want in abundance.

Universe – Force your will upon your world and make the universe bend in your favor. 

Switch – Switch the Power On! Be Brilliant! Be Independent! Be Grand! Be BIG!!! Do not apologize and offer no excuses. Today your life really begins!

I believe most people spend their entire lives searching for success, happiness, harmony, strength, and fulfillment. Those sacred attributes are within, and they derive from the potential power of your brilliance, independence, and grandiosity. You simply have to reach inside and find what is already there and switch your power on. Always believe the Universe is your friend.

 “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

                                                                                               — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Every single person has dreams, some small, some big. Maybe your dream is to be the best at something in school, in friendship, at work, at a sport, in music, or all together some other passion. Sometimes it’s hard to keep believing in your dreams. Some dreams die, and at other times your dreams simply remain fantasies or daydreams for a lifetime. If you commit to the 19 AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS HABITS, develop stalwart character, form great life principles, and truly embrace the thought-provoking messages following each AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS HABIT in the book, you will quickly see your dreams move closer to becoming your reality. This book is designed to be read easily and over and over and over again. It can be a constant companion that reminds you that the Universe really is your friend and it gives you what you demand with your actions. The “Outro” concludes the book with an ending that explains what it really means to “Dream Big.” Big Dreams really do lead to an AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS life.

I believe every person can have an amazing life. So, to assist you in moving toward the light of the vision for your AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS life, in addition to the 19 AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS HABITS within the book, I have shared 52 of my favorite, inspiring, empowering, motivating, and thought-provoking famous quotes on dreams and success at the very back of the book. I selected 52 quotes so each week of the year a different quote can be read, character can be developed, and habits can be formulated. Enjoy and meditate on one new quote each week. I hope you find something in this book that inspires you to travel to the moon and back each and every day. And if I happen to see you along the way, during my own trips to the moon and back, I trust and hope you will be living an AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS Life! 

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