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Anti-Parasite, Human Deworming - SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal Human INTESTINAL CLEANSE - 4 Children & Adults, $20.50 including shipping!

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I just took one of these last night myself actually and gave another to my BnB guest who is here taking a month of African dance!). I know for a FACT that I feel so much better when I cleanse and it's so easy, not harsh at all. You're not stuck on the toilet forever and a day, you have your natural movements, but the worms come out DEAD in the stool.

It looks like thread or if it's pin worms, black dots... it's kinda gross but this yearly purge has to be done.

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Get rid of your 'Dis Ease' and overall malaise, not feeling 100% by cleaning out your intestines, easily, comfortably all without excessive running back and forth to the bathroom...    

SIDE NOTE:  It totally shrinks and gets rid of hemorrhoids too!  I looked it up and I thought hemorrhoids were something that lasts forever but apparently that's not true.  They are parasite related so that means after this treatment if you have 'roids' they will be gone as well!
I dropped a LOT of weight after taking my first treatment last year; right afterwards, about a month later, I lost about 6 kilos of weight without doing any exercise - none.  I just do my daily routine as a tour guide here in Senegal like I always have, nothing extra, although I should be!  All of it was GARBAGE in my stomach and intestines!  I feel 100, no 500% BETTER and of course THIRTEEN POUNDS LIGHTER too!

$20.50 is cost for the ENTIRE TREATMENT!

I will send you 2 boxes of pills, one pill in each box.  You take one first, like Friday afternoon/evening and it will clean you out over the weekend and I noticed every morning I was 'regular' but not during the day so it wasn't a difficult cleanse.

After the 2nd dose I started getting some 'movement' and I would take a flashlight and look in the toilet at what came out every day!
I was grossed out initially but then glad that someone in Senegal told me about this stuff.  We are literally walking around infested by worms and don't even know it.  They could be getting in our brains.. making us crazy! 

 THIS is the Mad Cow disease that is in American beef that they don't talk about any more... We don't even THINK about worms and parasites in our systems because the doctors don't tell us anything. They just let us walk around with organic substances that are causing 'dis ease' and they in turn pump us with medicines for this that and the other... keeping us just sick enough to come back.  

It's evil.

NOTE:  I know this is an uncomfortable convo  but we have to get SERIOUS about our health and something as simple as cleaning out your intestinal tract is a good start.  

People with HIV/AIDS need this medication for sure because there are specific parasites that come with this infection (google it like I did!).  People with high blood pressure, Sickle Cell Anemia, DIABETES, back aches, headaches, herpes is probably a parasite too... over weight, underweight, BODY BUILDERS - it should just be a ROUTINE THING TO DO every 6 months to one year like Senegalese do, for yourself and your kids.

And it's CHEAP:  $20.50 and I'll send you the complete dosages that come STRAIGHT from the pharmacy.  Take ONE PILL on a Friday afternoon/evening and then in 3 weeks/1 month take another to get the ones that may have been eggs and hatched in between and you're CLEAN!  

You can literally see the worms in your stool... black dots are pin worms and stringy ones attached to the stool are hookworms from outside/environment, other worms from lettuce, vegetables and anything that's sprayed with feces based fertilizers and of course, beef, especially 'rare/medium rare' that a lot of people eat.  

And of course Trichinosis, the ones from pork and animals.  

I haven't eaten pork since I was nine years old... there were a LOT of intestinal parasites in my gut and I didn't think there would be.  I was so mad - because 'they' never told us how to take care of our health.

 My blood pressure is usually crazy high, dangerously high during Ramadan... long time friends may remember me mentioning my numbers and then chastising me for fasting at all! BUT this year, it's incredible! I literally FEEL 1000% BETTER, my blood pressure is stable and I don't have any back pain like I normally do! My son said his back isn't hurting anymore either. (He took this treatment too!). I tell you what... these critters and crap we carry around is killing us and we don't even know it. 

This stuff is AMAZING. A pharmacist recommended it to me years ago but I didn't take him seriously.  I thought only 'dirty' or poor people had worms because what they say in the USA:  you can avoid getting worms by 'washing your hands' - THAT IS BULL SHIGGITY!!!!  They don't CARE if we have intestinal parasites because the minor illnesses we are getting keeps us running back and forth to the Drs office and buying medications!   I wish I had known what I know now!  I was told by my daughter in law that Senegalese take do a personal cleansing once every year but the pharmacist said to do it every 3 months, which seems excessive.  I'd say split the difference and do it every 6 months.

When in Africa, do as the Africans right?! Every time I find something I didn't know before I'll pass it along to you guys!  2 boxes, you take 1 pill crushed or chew, it's 400mg one more in 15 days, $20.50 including shipping  

I noticed the ones they sell in the US aren't as strong.  Some are only 100mg and you have to take them for 2 weeks.... see that's America trying to make the worms build up resistance so you aren't totally cured!  Here and in India I'm seeing they are 400mg. 

They care about their people.  Let me help you save yourself and your children.  

'They' don't give a damn about your health because if they did, EVERYONE would know that you have to take worm pills.  Grandma used to give you Castor Oil right?  How many people remember that?  She did it to get rid of WORMS.  Now pediatricians don't even mention it.  They want the kids to be sick - that's a new generation of patients isn't it?

Folks be giving them (worm pills) to their animals and not their children (or themselves) we don't even realize how ignorant that is. We just don't know but NOW YOU DO.  

When you buy pills to deworm your dog/cat, you need to deworm yourself and your children.

Just like you deworm your animals you have to deworm yourself.

Humans aren't immune to worms, especially if you have animals in the home or in close contact with people who do, they give them to us PLUS you get it from the food, vegetables like lettuce (recalled remember because it's dirty?) and of course pork, meat and simply being a kid, walking barefoot in hookworm infested areas and never even knowing it.

Don't think you're too upper class, prim and prissy to have worms - it's not an economic thing - they are WORMS and they don't discriminate based on race, sex or economic status.

ALSO: intestinal parasites suck your blood and wreak havoc on your immune system. With Corona floating around plus the regular flu 'they' send out yearly to cull the population, you don't want to have a depressed immune system. The people that survive are the ones that are young and strong.

Did you know NOT ONE CHILD has died (worldwide) from Corona? Yet 125 have died in the US from another strain of flu and 18000 adults 18000 ADULTS HAVE DIED IN THE US FROM THE FLU - how many of Corona? 




 If possible, get them both.

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Anyway, you'll have great souvenirs!


Hello and GREETINGS from SenegalStyle/AfricanHerbal!  I will ship your product DIRECTLY from Dakar, Senegal, West Africa PERSONALLY.  It will have the official USPS tracking label and I will send you a photo as proof of shipping, showing the stamped package (with Senegal stamps!) and tracking number.  I will also send a photo of the package via paypal or whatever platform you use to make your payment.

A typical package looks like this:


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