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10000262087 Beautifully Brown, That Is Me e-Zine
  • $2.55
  • $2.55
10000329280 Calabaza Squash Only 10 left in stock
  • $2.22
10000262093 COME OUT, COME OUT! AS WHAT?! e-zine
  • $1.00
10000262089 Diné: Our Survival Is Bound To Theirs e-zine
  • $2.00
10000326323 Fierce Together: A Truth Magazine
  • $2.00
10000262086 First Aide To Face Adversity e-Zine
  • $3.33
10000329279 Green Bell Pepper Only 10 left in stock
  • $2.22
10000329276 Honeydew Melon Seeds Only 10 left in stock
  • $2.22
  • $1.33
10000330120 Pigeon Feathers Only 10 left in stock
  • $2.22
10000292834 Sacred Land: The Diné Supporters Network e-zine
  • $3.33
10000307186 Seed Keeping e-Zine
  • $2.55
10000262091 Self-Care: The Only Way Is Through e-zine
  • $2.55
10000329277 Sweet Pepper Seeds Only 10 left in stock
  • $2.22
10000329278 Tobacco Seeds Only 9 left in stock
  • $2.22
10000330121 Tulsi Seeds Only 9 left in stock
  • $2.22
10000262085 Wild Wisdom e-Zine
  • $2.33

Through the cultivation and distribution of cultural Seeds we affirm the societial greatness of genderqueer People Of Heritage (Of Colour). We work to reestablish sovereign governance, advocate for healhty food, land access, reparations, accessibility, abolition and accountability. We prioritize collective care, spiritual wellness and ancestral wisdom.

Since 2011, with our BY US, FOR US model, we center intersectionality, blackness, disabilities and those incarcerated.

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*** All proceeds go towards this work and are matched dollar for dollar.***

shop%20e-zines.jpgShop our zines in colourful cut out letters. kuwa jasiri leans on a zine

Build community, expand your knowledge, and support us by buying a e-zine and/or Seeds! This is an offering that we encourage our Allies and Accomplices to purchase.

Writings, Audio and Workshops by:

kuwa jasiri Indomela
the one/ellx/beauty pronouns
Seed + Medicine + Birth Keeper

This one engages in international writing and speaking opportunities that affirm People Of Heritage / People Of Culture / People Of The Global Majority. As a genderqueer, Ghanaian, Cuban, Spanish, Zulu, Creole descendant the one is immersed in recultivating their Ancestral traditions and is passionate about Seed stewardship and native Seed dispersal to offer wellness to the Land, Watershed and the Original Seedkeepers.

—> Community Zines Video 
—> Zine Maker Interview By: Angi Brzycki, Librarian III

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