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Beautiful Art is the unavoidable result of a series of business developments which started in 1998. It is said, "Do what you love, and the money will come." We love art. Art has the power to make us ask questions, and think outside the box. It fascinates and inspires curiosity. Art is beautiful. Art evokes different emotions. It encourages, motivates, inspires, uplifts, and stimulates creativity. The very nature of art makes it unique and original. Even when two painters paint the same image or scene, the outcome is more or less different as each artist interprets the image differently. We like the way art moves us and we like the way it portrays the way the artist thinks. That is why we went into the business of collecting and selling arts and crafts.

We started by travelling from state to state selling licensed products.

Then the business evolved into cultural art. We continued to travel selling items that included stone and wood carvings and items made from banana fiber, drum covers, and clay busts from various regions in Africa. We enjoyed those products quite a lot. Then our products evolved to include framed art and art prints of famous people.

Even so, we didn't actually plan to get into the online business. We never sat down to look at the way the market is moving or to analyze our strengths and weaknesses or the costs of starting an online store. We simply evolved with the times. It's a move that happened on its own when the time was right. We vacated our storage units and moved our entire inventory to our residential space and then said, "Why not sell all this online until it's all gone!" 

Black History Art

Now you can buy all the beautiful and unique cultural art all the way from various regions in Africa and you can do that from the comfort of your home. Our store is different from other stores. In fact it is unique. We have an eclectic selection of high quality products and pictures of black historical significance. You will find historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr. featured next to Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Barack Obama, and Malcolm X. And the Obama family, which is the latest craze and love of the people, is featured in many creative ways. You will also love the way the inspirational black women have been portrayed.

Each piece will bring nostalgia, and inspire courage and determination within the beholder. You will love all the pieces and you will want to collect them all and enjoy them.

We Supported Artists in the Third World

By purchasing arts and crafts and carvings from Africa, we created much needed income for the hard working and dedicated artists. We did the selling while they focused on what they do best, which is creating beautiful arts and crafts. We were the enablers of their creative expression because we bought a lot of their products and now bring the result of their creative efforts conveniently to you in our online store. We believe that art is for everyone, and we have created the context for how everyone can discover it and enjoy it.

Connecting People with Art

At Beautiful Art we connect you with art from a variety of African cultures. You will find carvings from Zimbabwe displayed next to carvings from Kenya and all that next to banana fiber crafts from another part of Africa. You will find framed art of historical black figures, each one unique and beautiful, telling a significant black history story. As Auguste Rodin said, “The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” And indeed, each piece of art in our collection will bring you hope and move you to a certain level of thinking and action.

If you are on the market for genuinely unique art, you can buy from us and rest assured that the print you display on your wall will be admired for all to see. We have an entire collection that features some of the most intriguing images.

Beautiful Art offers an unmatched selection of framed art, canvas, prints, carvings and drum bags in a range of affordable prices. We provided artists from the Third World with a very good opportunity to earn an income from their creative efforts and this is your opportunity to contribute to their efforts. We make it easy and convenient for you to select the pieces that you like, and you buy by simply clicking a button.

Our beautiful art is very affordable and unique. Buy for your office or home. Or buy in bulk for resale. We have a very steep discount for volume buyers. If you have a market or store, you can buy from us at wholesale prices.

Do not wait until it is all gone. Buy your favorite art today from Beautiful Art.

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