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Black Ankh LIFE Crown w/ Snakeskin Brim
Black Ankh LIFE Crown w/ Snakeskin Brim Black Ankh LIFE Crown w/ Snakeskin Brim

Black Ankh LIFE Crown w/ Snakeskin Brim

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Crown - (noun) - A crown is the traditional symbolic form of headgear worn by a monarch or by a deity, for whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor, and glory, as well as immortality, righteousness, and resurrection. 


The Ankh is the oldest symbol on the face of the Earth, dating all the way back to the oldest hieroglyphics written on the walls of Kemet (ancient Egypt). 


The Ankh is a representation of eternal life, symbolizing the woman as life, man as an extension of life and children as a continuation of life which is the oldest known trinity upon the face of the Earth


In the hearts of those who respect their true history, the mention of the Ankh evokes powerful images of the past greatness from which we have descended and the future greatness in which we are ascending to. The energy that comes with the symbolic embodiment of eternal life, it is evident to all why the Ankh Life Crown venerates the unshakable spirit that lives on in the hearts of many, still today as in days gone by. It is a legacy that has inspired Nu Money Trading Company to become the best option for cultural jewelry, accessories and apparel since 2013. It is a legacy of intricately designed items that embody the true values upon which our culture stands.



About The Item(s):


-Very High Quality Material


-Snapback (One Size Fits All)


-Each Crown is Custom Made


-All letters are safely and securely attached to the hat


-Letters are made from a top-of-the-line quality acrylic material that will never fade.

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