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I sell Black Lives Matter t-shirts and donate a portion of the proceeds to Black Lives Matter organization & Know Your Rights Camp.

Eric Gardner Story

I was one of the few people who saw Eric Gardner moments before he was killed. I lived on St. Mark Place in Staten Island, New York City, one block away from where the incident took place. I was just heading towards a Key Food store to pick up a few items. There is a slightly long hill that you have to walk down. Once I arrived at the end of the street, directly across the street i saw this big guy (Eric Gardner) and two cops in a debate about something. I heard Eric Gardner pleading with the cops that "I didn't do anything." There was a group of other people hanging around but I decided not to stick around. On my way back i remember that the air felt different. Eric Gardner nor the police was there any longer. I saw two young kids with a grim look on their face say to each other "The cops took the video tape". They were referring to the camera outside of a nail/hair store that recorded outside of the surrounding area. It was only later that afternoon while I was on Facebook where I saw the image of Eric Gardner's purple shirt and shorts plastered all over my feed with headlines of "Police Brutality" and "Unarmed Black Man Killed By Police". This is when I realized Eric Gardner died. #ICantBreathe.

About Me

Before Black Lives Matter was ever Black Lives Matter I've always voiced my opinion about social injustices involving black people through custom made t-shirts designed just for myself. In fact one of the earliest photos I've taken of myself, is me wearing a black fitted hat with the words "Sean Bell" spray painted on it. I also had a black t shirt that with the words "Sean Bell" on the front and on the back the text "I hope the change get here, before they try to body me." There's probably a photo of me floating around somewhere in the Occupy Wall Street movement a well. I am a big supporter of HBCU and attended Howard University graduation where then President Barack Obama gave his spectacular speech.


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