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BLEACH GRANULES (dried)! BLACK OWNED/MANUFACTURED FairER TRADE! SANITIZE & DISINFECT ur Home, Clothing & Work Areas! 2 package EQUALS 2 GALLONS! of OXIDIZING BLEACH for $5.50 Including Shipping! SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal is 100% FUBU!

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I just ran the numbers on how much money I SAVE using dried bleach instead of liquid and it's literally over $300 a year!

2 bottles of bleach a week (2 3br homes) at about $6 x 52 is $312

With these dried bleach granules I use 1 packages for one gallon which is $0.10 cents vs $315 basically, at the grocery store for bleach WATER that has about ten cents worth of bleach in it! lol!

It's CRAZY how we get ripped off as consumers!

Now that I know this and this Chloride Bleach is mined, MANUFACTURED and made right here in Africa (Senegal) by an AFRICAN COMPANY TOO??  I'll NEVER go back to bottled bleach again!


$5.50 for a sample package (2) 

 $25.50 including shipping 60pks or 60 GALLONS OF BLEACH

$125.50 for WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS for 1100 packs for a total of 1100 GALLONS OF BLEACH! 

1100 GALLONS OF BLEACH for $125.50!!!  

Here is a link to other items here on WeBuyBlack.com to see more COOL PRODUCTS MADE IN SENEGAL!  


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Paypal ONLY PLEASE!  Msg me if you are having problems to order!  Thanks!

Hello and GREETINGS from Dakar, Senegal, WEST AFRICA!  

I'm American (from Pensacola, FL originally) but I now live in Africa.  I was putting away my monthly shopping and realized that my peeps in America (and the rest of the world) have probably never seen these types of products, like I never had until I moved to Senegal from the US in 1999 and I've been using it in some form or fashion for over TWO DECADES!!

I've teamed up with my sister in Vermont and various other distributors across the country to bring these great items to YOUR MAILBOX!  

THIS IS A LISTING FOR DRIED BLEACH GRANULES... I just ran the numbers on how much money I SAVE using dried bleach instead of liquid and it's literally over $300 a year!

2 bottles of bleach a week (2 3br homes) at about $3 and some change each is about $6 x 52 weeks is $312

With these dried bleach granules I use 1 package for one gallon which is $0.10 cents vs $315 basically, at the grocery store for bleach WATER that has about ten cents worth of bleach in it! lol!

$25.50 divided by 60 packages (what I will send you) is about $0.3 cents a package - using 1 packs per gallon that's 60 GALLONS OF BLEACH!  for $25.50... 

It's CRAZY how we get ripped off as consumers!  

Now that I know this and this Chloride Bleach is mined,  MANUFACTURED and made right here in Senegal too?  I'll NEVER go back to bottled bleach again!


We have 288+ sales since we started in November and our STELLAR 5 star ranking has now tanked to a 4.5 because unfortunately a minority of people don't understand one simple thing:  We are the SHIPPERS and not the DELIVERY PERSON(S) - the United States Postal Service are the agents for DELIVERIES and we don't work for them.  We are not responsible for slow service and they are the ones that will DELIVER your package - not me personally!   (pic 8!)

So be patient and just know it's on the way!  THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING!  

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, what you are looking at are DOZENS of small packages of DRIED (not liquid) BLEACH.  

Now that everyone is using more bleach than before to sanitize items you bring in the house, keeping floors/walls, kitchens & bathrooms clean(er) as well as for LAUNDRY, I thought I would share what I use for bleach here in Senegal, with YOU!

Do you see each of those black rectangular squares?  

That is the beginning and the ending of one package of bleach so you can see the size.  Also zoom in to get a better look so you understand EXACTLY what you are getting, it's amazing stuff really!  I use 1 package for LARGE BOTTLE (5ltr)  of water.  

1 Gallon is 4 liters so you would only need 1 package per gallon MAX in the USA and would do for cleaning packages, put in a spray bottle for sanitizing and cleaning simple items as well as laundry, just like regular bleach. 

I looked it up to see EXACTLY what it is and it turns out this is the SAME STUFF that's used to disinfect clinics and hospitals to clean surfaces, bed linens and instruments BUT IT'S MADE HERE IN SENEGAL!  I knew that one of the biggest EXPORTS FROM SENEGAL was PHOSPHATES (basically bleach!) but I never made the connection until now!  Isn't that wild?!  It's mined from the Atlantic ocean here and some beaches are so naturally concentrated with phosphates I don't even go there because the water smells of chlorine and stings eyes and private areas!

Duh... it's from the phosphates - I still have an expat mindset sometimes after all these years! lol!  That's why this is FAIR(ER) TRADE:  Our items are Directly from West Africa TO YOU with NO MIDDLE MAN jacking up the prices!!  

Anyway, it's used in cleaning heavily soiled lab equipment splattered in blood for example and I got these guidelines for using this product from the UNHCR.(UN High Commission on Refugees) website.

It's called various names:  Calcium Hypochlorite, chlorinated lime, bleaching powder and liquid bleach, sodium dichloro-isocyanurate or NaDCC

Basically it's BLEACH but the granules have the STRONGEST CONCENTRATION of any type of cleaning disinfectant, including Lysol according to their charts... 70% CHLORINE BLEACH - so when we buy liquid bleach what we are buying is this particular chemical diluted in water and charge us a fortune.

I Did Not Know That!   

These granules are PURE CHLORINE and RECOMMENDED by the UNHCR and other global organizations to clean their refugee tents and mobile hospitals. It makes sense because OBVIOUSLY they can't be lugging heavy and expensive jars of bleach every where they go.


From the UN site:

- The active chlorine content must always be verified on the packaging of the product available in order to rectify the doses if necessary.

- Solutions with a higher active chlorine content for certain special conditions can be obtained by adjusting the doses.

- The dilutions should always be made up just before the products are to be used, in non-metallic recipients.

- It is normal that there be a calcium hypochlorite and calcium chloride deposit in the solutions (use from the top).

MY NOTE:  it falls to the bottom when you pour it in, just swish it around.  Personally I use it with hot hot water so it dissolves easily to mop my floors and for cleaning.  For clothing and general sanitizing I make it up in 1 gallon batches using 1 package for every mop bucket and in my dishwater.   

FOR ONE GALLON BUCKETS (just use an old plastic bleach jar and refill with the dried bleach):  1 packages at the most is fine.  It's 70% PURE CHLORINE so you don't need a lot and you'll just waste it using more than that.  

As I said above I use 1 packs for 1 gallon which is a little more  and that's very strong, you can SMELL IT after you mix it in the bottle and just shake before using again to be sure it's mixed well.  

If you go thru a gallon of bleach a week you will save HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS using 1 packages of dried bleach and your own water...


Remember:  always prepare the solutions with clean water and you're good to go! .  

If the COSTS of CLEANING SUPPLIES have been running you ragged... BUY THIS DRIED BLEACH!  Shown here is is a little over 1lb of product and it should last you close for FOREVER! 

The price is like everything else we sell here at SenegalStyle AfricanHerbal:  

$5.50 for a sample package (2 GALLONS) or $25.50 including shipping for the family size (60).  $125.50 for WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS for 1100 packs!) a total of 1100 GALLONS OF BLEACH!

If THAT doesn't last you half of FOREVER... then you're using too much bleach!    
Here is a link to other items here on WeBuyBlack.com to see more COOL PRODUCTS MADE IN SENEGAL!  


Thank you for looking, STAY SAFE OUT THERE and have a GREAT WEEK!

Product questions

  • Willie Staley
    Aug 14, 2020, 11:50 AM

    I would love to order the products, I need to ask how is it apply? The washing detergent , is it in small packages or lose powder I'll have to measure the amount myself?

    Aug 22, 2020, 12:47 AM

    Hello Willie and THANK YOU for your enthusiasm for our products!

    YESSIR they come prepackaged so you don't need to do a thing but add water. I suggest hot water but cold is fine. Just take your old bleach bottle, open a package, pour in the SenegalStyle Dried Bleach Granules and fill the bottle with water, put the lid on and shake it up.

    INSTANT BLEACH! Pour into smaller squirt bottles to use as a bleach water sanitizer and save money on Lysol. Use for washing clothes just as you would Clorox, but this is cheaper. If you have the money to invest I would suggest you go ahead and get a DISTRIBUTOR PACKAGE of 1100 packs of bleach, or 1100 gallons for $125.50 including shipping. SELL THEM at your office, the children's school, hospitals and clinics, friends & family, EVERYWHERE - it's a necessary item and PEOPLE WILL BUY IT if you price it reasonably.

    Sell them samples, 3 for $5 for example, explain that it's 65% PURE CHLORIDE mined directly from the ground w/no aluminum additives (in America they add aluminum, which is not only dangerous, it causes mental slowdowns)... and regular bleach is only 10% MAXIMUM Chloride, most being between 3% up to 10%. They add a bleach scent to make it seem strong but it's not as strong as these little packets!

    If someone follows up and wants to buy in bulk, set the price at a number they can live with. Remember it needs to be economically attractive for them to switch so make it 100 packages for $100 for example... That's 100 gallons of bleach for $100 dollars, $1 a gallon. It's $2 or $3 in the grocery store right?

    If they say, 'I buy bleach at the $1 store already' you remind them yours is 65% Chloride and Dollar store bleach is only 3% - basically water with a bleach smell.... it's not the same quality.

    It's NOT so that's that! lol!

    If they don't want to buy and are walking away cut the price to $95 or $90 and don't lose the sale over $5. That ONE ORDER will just about pay for the ENTIRE 1100 PACKAGES and the rest will be pure profit so BE WISE about your selling price. Be flexible and help people out when you can. After all, I'm selling it at a reasonable/low price to help other people get into business. I know our folks are hurting out there and don't have much income opportunities, online is the best way to go.

    BUT if you've got a face to face customer that needs a break, it's priced low enough that you can give them that break and still make a sale, coming away with more money than you had when you got there!

    Here's a link to our WeBuyBlack products - take a look, you may see other items of interset as well!


    I look forward to seeing your name on the other side of the check out! lol!


    Sineta George aka

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