2 Black Owned Companies That Will Get You Ready For The Cookout

Summer is upon us and that means cookout season. Whether you are hosting or attending, you simply must stand out. Here are two companies that will definitely help you with that.

You could serve guests potato salad with a plastic spoon or actually be an adult and have real stuff. UziZuri Creations specializes in handcrafted, ethical goods. Their Beaded Serving Spoons will definitely make an impression on your guests. They are hand carved from olive wood and beautifully beaded. This is not the basic kind of stuff you’ll find at WalMart or Target, this is Black excellence and artistry on a whole different level. Shop UziZuri today.

It matters not what you wear to the cookout, a good watch will upgrade it a level or four — trust me on this. Vieryle watches scream luxury, sophistication and Black excellence. A cell phone can tell you what time it is but Vieryle watches will let everyone else at the cookout know what time it is — there is a difference. These watches are crafted to turn heads when you arrive, linger and leave the cookout. You won’t find another watch like this anywhere. Vieryle is Black owned, luxury design at a price that is still in reach for everyday folks. Get yours today, shop Vieryle!

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