2 Essential Brands For Black Children

Black children should go to school with the best supplies and images that inspire success. Moe Melanin can certainly help with that. The company produces school supplies that are absolutely stunning visually and utterly inspiring. Their notebooks scream success, competence and of course, style. Every Black child should have supplies from Moe Melanin. Give your kid the best, give them Moe Melanin!

Children are a blessing but at some point their bodies begin to change and they also need to watch their freshness level. Created by a mom, Play Pits is just the solution for your children. It is an all natural deodorant, specially formulated for children — safe, effective and guilt free for parents. Deodorants generally contain a host of harmful chemicals and no parent wants to subject their children to any more toxicity than is needed. If you have children who like to be active and sweat, Play Pits is the solution for your home.

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