Help Us Throw A Cookout With All Black Products!

Summer is here! Cookouts, family reunions and block parties are just around the corner. But this Summer, let’s do it right and do it Black: the goal is to have a cookout with ALL Black owned products. From napkins to barbecue sauce to lawn chairs, we need to know about the products that will help […]

I Had A Mouse In My Apartment, I Called A Black Owned Exterminator

I casually walked into the kitchen early in the morning, determined to start my day on purpose. I turned on the light and turned towards my tea kettle but the mouse beat me to it. The mouse and I were face to face, in a stare-off. I have no desire to live with mice but […]

North Philly Man Starts Barber Academy To Teach Black Kids Entrepreneurship

Prentice Michael Boone didn’t start cutting hair because it was in his life plan. At the age of 12 he just didn’t have the money for a cut so he decided to experiment and see what happened. He did okay. Today Boone (P. Micahel) owns a barber shop and runs a nonprofit serving the North […]

She Lost Over 100 Pounds, Now This Atlanta Chef Entrepreneur Teaches Others

After losing well over 100 pounds, Atlanta’s Queen Dr. Neith is bestowing her knowledge upon the community. Queen Dr. Neith is an amazing chef and owns “Queen’s Cuisine” – raw, living, and vegan catering meal delivery service in Atlanta, Ga. Queen’s Cuisine Atlanta delivers happiness and healing to people in need. Their flavorful, healthy plant […]

Black Luxury and Premium Clothing Brands

Chase Guerin sells high quality bags, apparel, and accessories. You’ll find joggers, duffel bags, t shirts and much more in their offerings. Shop luxury when you shop Gurein. This dynamic company is the brainchild of an 18-year-old brother who has grown tastes and a good eye for quality. This brand will set you apart whether […]

Black Women Are Imprisoned At Alarming Rates. This Black Woman Helps Them Put Their Lives Back Together

Syrita Steib-Martin was sentenced to 120 months in federal prison, 20 years in state prison, and $1.9 million of restitution at the age of 19. The sentence stemmed from auto theft charges. But Syrita wasn’t alone — over past 20 years there has been an 800% rise in the incarceration rate of Black women, who […]

3 Brands To Make Life Better for Black Moms and Kids

Children need to be stimulated in order to learn. As they grow in knowledge, what images are they receiving? How is their blackness being affirmed? Puzzle Huddle creates puzzles for children designed to inspire and affirm children of color, specifically. Puzzles are a great way to not only entertain children but also stimulate them mentally. […]

Black People Should Have Paid Attention to the Dominican Republic Before Tourists Started Dying

In recent months seven Black tourists have died in the Dominican Republic. The question for many people now is, “Is it safe to travel to the DR?” That question, however, is slightly misguided and a few years late. The Dominican Republic has shown hostility to Black people for some time and sadly, the deaths of […]

NBA Players Realizing Importance of Ownership

Ownership among professional athletes is at an all-time high. The stereotype of the young, rich, Black athlete recklessly spending money and going broke is all but dead. Today’s professional athletes are investing in industries like tech, media, crypto-currency and ride sharing, to name a few. Self-empowerment is the new cool. Kevin Durant, Venture Capitalist When […]

Who Will You Make Rich This Weekend?

It’s Friday! The workweek (for some) is over and the focus is on relaxation and fun. Relaxation and fun, however, literally represents billions of dollars changing hands this weekend. With billions of dollars moving, someone is bound to strike it rich this weekend. Our focus should be making sure Black entrepreneurs are among the fortunate. […]