3 Black Owned Beauty Brands You Should Switch To

You can like steak and still go vegan. Allow me to introduce you to Obia Naturals. Their mission is to produce pH balanced, vegan and non-toxic natural hair and body care products fortified with natural ingredients. Their products are vegan, pH balanced and completely natural. Obia Naturals offers a range of products for hair and body care. From conditioners, soaps and lotions to hair masks and curl enhancers, Obia Naturals has everything you need and operates with the utmost ethical and sustainable principles.

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Ladies you want hair color that pops but not the abrasive, harmful chemicals and bleaches that often accompany it. Mysteek Naturals is your solution. From “Glowing Red” to “Bougie Blue,” this company has bold colors to match your personality and every mood. Don’t continue doing harm to your hair and don’t sacrifice your personal, colorful expression — use Mysteek Naturals. In addition, the company also makes an activated charcoal toothpaste. Free yourself from chemicals and still get the clean, support Mysteek Naturals.

Do you have trouble with razor bumps, fellas? You can save your skin and upgrade your entire shaving routine with Xotics by Curtis Smith. The company produces hair and body products, with an extreme commitment to high-quality, natural ingredients as its founding principle. Xotics creates Beard Balm, Blue Aloe Shave Gel, Razor Bump/Skin Irritation Spray and a host of other products. It’s time to upgrade your routine and commitment to natural products, try Xotics by Curtis Smith today!

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