3 Black Owned Products To Keep You Fresh & Clean

Whether you’re a teacher, fireman, CEO or sanitation engineer one thing you share in common is the need for clean clothing. Everyone — each single person reading this — has to wash their clothes with a detergent and the one you choose matters. Does your detergent have any caustic ingredients, pork enzymes or phosphorus? Is the product you use eco-friendly? If not, you need to quickly make an investment in True Laundry Detergent. In addition to being eco-friendly and void of caustic ingredients, it’s also super concentrated and powerful — one ounce of True cleans a load of laundry. To compare, 100 oz of Tide will clean up to 64 loads while 101 oz of True actually cleans 101 loads. Stretch your dollar, use a safer product and Buy Black with True Laundry Detergent. They now offer perfume and dye free detergent!

Soap is the most basic of things and we should all make an effort to buy the best. Black African soap has been known, for generations, to be safer, more effective and natural. Indeed, many of the “soaps” we routinely buy are merely harsh detergents, masquearding as soaps and they are not at all good for the skin. Blackskin.com has taken things up a level with their Liquid African Black Soap. It’s the same Black Soap we’ve grown to love but now in a more convenient and easily consumed liquid form. What soap do you have in your bathroom? What are you washing your hands with? If it’s not this natural product, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Blackskin also offers an Intensive Fade Gel Kit for dark spots. Shop Blacksin today!

Children are a blessing but at some point their bodies begin to change and they also need to watch their freshness level. Created by a mom, Play Pits is just the solution for your children. It is an all natural deodorant, specially formulated for children — safe, effective and guilt free for parents. Deodorants generally contain a host of harmful chemicals and no parent wants to subject their children to any more toxicity than is needed. If you have children who like to be active and sweat, Play Pits is the solution for your home.

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