3 Companies Making Gifts Just For Black Children

McNulty International is on a mission to empower the next generation to succeed and be the healthiest they can be. The company produces various books that help kids to create their personal success plans and see themselves in a whole new light. You are raising a Black child and it matters what they consume. Make sure they have positive images and resources to help them plan their future, order books from McNulty International.

Teni and Tayo Creations makes children’s books, clothing and other accessories. The company created Feyi Fay, the main character in a chapter book series for kids. She is a magical helper who travels the world helping kids with any problem they can imagine – bullying, making friends, monsters… anything! Your child will also love their bags, activity sets and clothing. Feyi Fay should be a destination for children’s activities and gifts.

Black children should go to school with the best supplies and images that inspire success. Moe Melanin can certainly help with that. The company produces school supplies that are absolutely stunning visually and utterly inspiring. Their notebooks scream success, competence and of course, style. Every Black child should have supplies from Moe Melanin. Give your kid the best, give them Moe Melanin!

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