3 Gifts Your Significant Other Will Actually Like

If you have a significant other, you need to occasionally buy them something. Don't debate me, it's just true. But you don't want to miss on a gift purchase -- it tells your partner that you're not paying enough attention to their tastes and you'll end up blowing money. Here are three purchases that will not only get you points but will actually be useful to your partner.

I like to give gifts that will last and let the recipient know that I really do care. You can't go wrong with a watch, ever. Watches are not only a useful accessory but one that will actually enhance your partner's look. Vieryle Watches should top your list. A Black owned company, Vieryle crafts watches that communicate high end luxury, without the burdensome high end pricing. This watch company makes its products to be worn, cherished and simply admired. This is Black owned luxury at a great value. Check out their entire line of watches and get one for your significant other (or yourself) today.

In my adult life I've learned that women have enough underwear to last them months. Men generally have about a week's worth. Trust me, this is generally true. Ladies, your man needs underwear but they need to be quality and more importantly, you'll want them to be nice to look at. Allow me to introduce you to Champ Boxers. This is not the typical stuff you'll find at Target -- this is premium, grown man under clothing from an amazing Black owned company. Ladies, upgrade your man.

As the summer season approaches I'll have to reluctantly pack away my sweaters. I could use a step up on my T-shirt game and so could someone special in your life. Civilly Righteous should be your go to company. Civilly Righteous makes "Clothing for the Culture(d)" and it shows. Their entire line is inspired by Black culture -- from protest to nostalgia, their line has any statement you'd like to make. They have an abundance of product offerings, well beyond T-shirts. The company offers hats, crop tops and tank tops, among other things. It's time to freshen up that Summer wardrobe, get started with a visit to Civilly Righteous.

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