4 Upgrades You Need, All From Black Owned Companies

Lavish Phones NY is a cellphone case retailer that caters to the Black community. They feature unique cases with portraits and designs that look exactly like us. Lavish Phones NY is the place to find cases that look and feel like you — stylish, functional and on the go! You have a phone case but now let’s get and upgrade, shop Lavish Phones today!

Peppy Valentine makes quality sheets imported directly from West Africa. These premium sheets will never fade, bleed or get knotted. They sleep very coolly and are breathable, ensuring your comfort throughout the night. The weight of the sheets, which are 120 grams per square meter (GSM). For sheets, the higher the GSM, the denser the fabric will be. Peppy Valentine sheets ultimately help you create home decor that screams pride, blackness, and royalty. Upgrade to Peppy Valentine, today.

Children are a blessing but at some point their bodies begin to change and they also need to watch their freshness level. Created by a mom, Play Pits is just the solution for your children. It is an all natural deodorant, specially formulated for children — safe, effective and guilt free for parents. Deodorants generally contain a host of harmful chemicals and no parent wants to subject their children to any more toxicity than is needed. If you have children who like to be active and sweat, upgrade to Play Pits today.

A good wave pattern is key when you step out, fellas. You need commitment to grooming and a good brush to achieve it. Smooth Stylz is a Black owned company that offers original, handmade brushes in three different styles — burgundy (with handle), dark brown and the ultra sleek phantom brush. Smooth Stylz brushes give your hair a nice, sleek look. They help you achieve a deeper, luster, uniform 360 wave pattern. Lose the basic WalMart brush and upgrade to Smooth Stylz today.

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  1. Pacome Pika
    Pacome Pika
    July 9, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    Hello this is Pacôme Pika, living in Chicago, CEO and lab director of one of the first cosmeceuticals company focused on black hair and skin issues. I am looking for the way to share my vision of how black is so powerful. I really like what you doing guys and i would like to collaborate with you. Thank you

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