8 Ways to Buy Black This Fall | HowWeBuyBlack.com

8 Ways to Buy Black This Fall

8 Ways to Buy Black This Fall | HowWeBuyBlack.com

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler. If you’re amped about the changing seasons and all that comes along with it, take a look at these 8 ways you can incorporate buying black into your fall spending.

1. Lawn Care and Home Repairs

If you’re a homeowner, fall may be a time when the beauty of changing foliage can quickly turn into a nightmare of clogged gutters and a lawn covered in leaves. If you’re hiring help, think about hiring a Black company for your lawn care and/or home repair needs.

2. Catered Food

Phoning it in this Thanksgiving? Well, make sure you call a Black caterer. Store bought sides might be quick and easy, but a homemade dish that helps build Black Wall Street will taste even better.

3. Visit a Black Owned Farm / Apple Orchard

Is apple picking part of your family’s fall routine? What about hayrides or a visit to a pumpkin patch? Spend a little time researching to see if there are any Black owned farms in your area that offer these activities.

4. Halloween on WeBuyBlack.com

If you or your kids are dressing up this Halloween, make things even more festive by sourcing costume elements made by Black-owned businesses. Search WeBuyBlack.com for Halloween inspired items or find local artisans to buy from.

5. Attend an HBCU Football Game

One of fall’s most cherished pastimes is football. Carve out a day to buy tickets to a game at your local HBCU and support our young people.

6. Sip Lattes from a Black Owned Café

Is fall all about Pumpkin Spice for you? Find a local Black-owned café where you can get your daily fix.

7. Winterize Your Car at a Black Shop

If fall is your chance to prepare your car for a brutal winter, try getting your car serviced at a Black-owned shop this year.

 8. Sweaters and Hoodies Made by Us

For most of us, the changing weather makes stocking up on hoodies and sweaters a must. Check out the apparel sold on WeBuyBlack.com or find other Black-owned retailers to snuggle up to this fall.

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