When White Networks Own Black Preachers

The Word Network promotes itself as the “largest African American religious network in the world .” There is one small problem — it is owned by Kevin Adell, who is white. For the past week a controversy has been brewing, one rooted in this very problematic reality. The network targets Black audiences and Black megachurch […]

4 Black Owned Companies You Need To Learn About Today

Ready for game night? Fam Foolery creates¬†games that celebrate Black culture and history, giving you more reasons to laugh with the ones you love. The gaming industry isn’t very inclusive of Black culture and as a result, not only are many games on the market lacking cues and content salient to Black people but they […]

He Was Homeless, Now His Trucking Company Does Millions

Amari Ruff was 16 when his dad left, meaning his mom was left to raise three kids. That also meant Amari had to step up and help his mom pay the bills, while trying to finish his studies. Amari’s family bounced around, living with relatives and at times, staying at homeless shelters. Amari’s life today […]

Michael Jordan Donates $7 Million To Fund Clinics For Uninsured & Underinsured

What can $7 million get you in 2019? If you happen to be uninsured or underinsured in the city of Charlotte, it can get you a new lease on life. The¬†Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic was just unveiled, the first of two clinics that Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan will help to fund […]

Black Salon Owner Opens Her Own Cosmetology School

Photo: Mary Lewandowski| MLive.comFor 6 years Aisha Gatlin kept running into a very frustrating problem in her beauty salon business — she couldn’t find stylists who knew how to work with Black hair. That’s a problem. As Michigan Live reported, Gatlin decided to open her own cosmetology school, in order to solve the problem. The […]

Son Of Sharecroppers & One Of America’s Most Powerful Congressmen Has Died

Baltimore is over 60 percent Black. Baltimore is home to two HBCUs, Coppin State University and Morgan State University. Reginald F. Lewis, the first Black man to captain a billion dollar corporation, hails from Baltimore and has a museum in his honor there. Baltimore boasts of so many things Black people can be proud of […]

At 12-Years-Old He Patented Invention To Stop Child Hot Car Deaths

Bishop Curry heard that a neighboring family lost their 6-year-old child. It was a hot summer day in Texas and unfortunately, tragedy struck. Curry, a child himself, simply figured that no one should feel the sting of that pain again and so he decided to do something about it. Bishop went to work, sketching out […]

Boston’s Harriet Tubman House Being Replaced With Condos

Photo: Angela Rowlings/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald When you don’t own and control the real estate in your community, you’re at the mercy of those who do. The Harriet Tubman House is owned by United South End Settlements (USES), a nonprofit founded 120 years ago to help Blacks migrating from the South settle in Boston. Today the […]

This Was The First Black Owned & Operated Hospital In America

At a time when few medical establishments would accept Black people, Black people simply decided to build their own. Provident Hospital was the first Black owned and operated hospital in the United States. Provident was founded by a Black surgeon, Daniel Hale Williams, who also founded an associated nursing school for African Americans. Provident opened […]

Tuesday’s Hot Products — From Jewelry To Gifts For Kids

BeadsByDez specializes in handmade bracelets, designed to wow and create positive energy. No matter what vibe you need, BeadsByDez has a product just for you. From bracelets made to accent your astrological sign to creations made specifically for men who need a fashion edge, this company has a product for every consumer. BeadsByDez utilizes a […]