The Convention Starts Tomorrow — You Ready?

The We Buy Black Convention kicks off tomorrow! You know about the business workshops to help accelerate your business. You know about Boyce Watkins, G. Garvin, Brandon Cosby and the other business rock stars that will be there. You know about the amazing live entertainment that will be there. You also know that amazing Black […]

He Opened A Grocery In A Food Desert, He’ll School Us At The We Buy Black Convention

We told you that Brandon Cosby lives in the impossible. He raised over $1 million to open a grocery store, in the middle of a food desert in Indianapolis. Cleo’s Bodega Grocery and Cafe stands as a testament to what we can do in our communities — with our own strength. Brandon Cosby will be […]

Tuesday’s Black Parent Starter Kit

Children need to be stimulated in order to learn. As they grow in knowledge, what images are they receiving? How is their blackness being affirmed? Puzzle Huddle creates puzzles for children designed to inspire and affirm children of color, specifically. Puzzles are a great way to not only entertain children but also stimulate them mentally. Puzzle Huddle is here […]

Join Boyce Watkins and G. Garvin At Our Business Workshops!

Small Business Saturday Money | Management | Marketing From finding the right startup funding to understanding the importance of growth vs. scale for your business, all the expertise and coaching you will need to take your business to the next level will be available at the We Buy Black Business Workshops on Saturday, August 24, 2019, from […]

Meet An Artist Mixing Soul, Veganism And Women’s Empowerment

When you come to the We Buy Black Convention this weekend you’ll be blessed by the sound and presence of Ten. Music is mainly commercial now — it’s hard to distinguish artist A from B. Ten is different. Her sound is soulful and her voice literally brings people to tears — routinely. This Chicago-bred artist […]

What Is The We Buy Black Agenda?

Remove, Replace, and Rebuild. We are not simply a website or social media platform. We have an agenda and we’re quite open about it. This weekend will mark 400 years since the first Africans arrived in America — what we do tomorrow will determine what the next 400 years will look like. To move, however, […]

Entrepreneurs Aren’t Equal To Super Entrepreneurs — Meet Jonetta Patton

Patrick Ewing was an amazing athlete — an NBA legend, in fact. Bo Jackson, however, was a super athlete who excelled at the highest levels of multiple sports. There is a difference. Jonetta Patton, in the same way, is a super entrepreneur. Patton has, on her own, successfully navigated the very tough music industry and […]

August 25 Marks 400 Years Since Africans Arrived — What’s Next?

August 25th will mark exactly 400 years since the first Africans arrived at Jamestown, Virginia. These 400 years have been a story of triumph and also, overwhelmingly, sorrow. We now must determine what world our children and their grandchildren will live in, the next 400 years. The We Buy Black Convention isn’t simply a “thing” […]

Wednesday’s Hot Products — Hair Restoration To Luxury Watches

Since 1998 NouriTress has been helping women regrow, nourish and maintain healthy hair. NouriTress Hair Products are the #1 Multicultural Hair Restoration Treatment products that assist with healthy hair maintenance, hair shedding, breakage, thinning and hair loss. These vitamin based, clinically researched and Doctor recommended products are formulated to help clients regrow, repair and restore […]

Black Man Launches Delivery Service For Black Owned Restaurants

David Cabello didn’t win “most likely to succeed” in high school but it doesn’t matter now. Cabello is the Founder of Black and Mobile, a delivery service catering to Black owned restaurants. The company is attracting a great deal of attention of late, with profiles from BET and various other outlets. It started out with a […]