Black Managed Isn’t The Same As Black Owned

Employees of businesses don’t get wealthy and they certainly don’t have the power to create wealth for anyone else. Employees get paid to do a job, period. Business owners, however, are in a position to create wealth for themselves and potentially, build greater opportunities for others. Employees simply can’t do those things, something you should […]

Group Hopes To Restore Last 10 Original Buildings Of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street

A 1921 massacre erased Black Wall Street in Tulsa. 300 Blacks were killed, over 10,000 were left homeless and countless others fled the city in fear. Hundreds of Black owned businesses were burned to the ground. Survivors were left with nothing and $2.7 million in insurance claims were denied. Very little remains of the original Black […]

5 Products Every Black Household Should Have

Let the wonders of nature help you achieve healthy hair and skin with ItzMade4Me! Made of all-natural ingredients, the hair and body moisturizer from ItzMade4Me actively conditions the hair, scalp, and skin while giving them the essential nourishment to stay in prime health. Shop ItzMade4Me today. The Black Girl MATHgic Box is the only subscription box designed to increase math confidence […]

This City Doubled Number Of Black Woman Owned Businesses In Two Years

Beloit, Wisconsin has 65 businesses owned by Black women. Of those 65 businesses, 32 were launched in the past two years, according to Rock County Jump Start (RCJ). Doubling the number of business owners in such a short time is impressive for any city, no matter its population. What has inspired so many women to […]

Black Woman Was Denied Jobs At Radio Stations So She Started Her Own

Danielle Johnson couldn’t get an invite to their party so she decided to throw her own. Johnson has been in the radio business since 2009 and has seen firsthand the need for more Black ownership. Big media dominates the radio business, a fact that hinders a lot of Black voices from being heard. Johnson, in […]

6 Black Companies With Everything You Need

Ayele (pronounced EYE-YELL) is a skincare brand that caters to everyone. When it comes to the skin, ignorance isn’t actually bliss. Understanding your skin is super important; it isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation! Ayele offers skincare solutions for acene, dry or oily skin, hyperpigmentation, dullness and redness. Do you want more customers? Of course you do! Advantage […]

Where Do Black Doctors Come From?

Photo: Meharry Medical College and Howard University are the two oldest HBCU medical schools in the country. Combined, the two schools produce over 80% of Black doctors and dentists practicing in the United States today. The Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science and Morehouse School of Medicine are the only other HBCUs with medical […]

11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Overcomes Autism, Store Can’t Keep His Lemonade In Stock

Customers of The Market on 25th all came looking for one product but “it was already gone,” according to an employee there. The product is Breezzy’s Lemonade and the CEO is 11-year-old, Aubrie Green. Aubrie had one simple idea and he chose to pursue it. When the rest of the world told him that an […]

Dr. King Would Be Fighting Gentrification Today

In 1966 Dr. King moved into a building at 1550 S. Hamlin Avenue, in the slums of Chicago’s West Side. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 had passed but Black people weren’t free, so long as they had limited housing options. King had to fight housing discrimination in Chicago on two fronts: whites refused to […]

I Have A Dream Is The Root Of Black Power

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addressing crowd of demonstrators outside the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on Aug. 28, 1963. Francis Miller/The LIFE Picture Collection—Getty Images Dr. King said a lot more than “I Have a Dream” but we shouldn’t miss the significance of the dreamer. Dreams are the root […]