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Black Business Ambush Movement Builds Momentum

WeBuyBlack.com Business Ambush | HowWeBuyBlack.com

WeBuyBlack.com successfully completed its second Black business ambush, presenting a check for $1250 to Green Love Kitchen in Lithonia, GA.

The community event was the second of its kind and is part of WeBuyBlack.com’s “Our Community, Our Responsibility!” campaign that solicits donations from supporters that help fund grants for Black-owned businesses. Now, with two successful ambushes under its belt, WeBuyBlack.com aims to raise its donation pool to over $100,000 monthly -- with the funds granted to a different Black business each month.

In addition to the monetary grant, each business will also receive guidance from a team of advisers on marketing, personal finance, and overall branding.

"Imagine when we have 100,000 people giving $5, $10, or $20 a month. Imagine seeing a Black owned business, who may have just opened, or may have been in business for years, receive a large check with close to half a million dollars to strengthen their operation. This is what family does for each other. When I watch the NBC show Shark Tank, and I listen to all these caucasian people state that their funding capital of $500k was gifted by their family and friends, yet Black entrepreneurs are fighting for high-interest loans, I knew we had to change that. We have to see ourselves as family and never deviate from this. Then and only then will we be able to reestablish not just a Black Wall Street but rebuild our communities, neighborhoods, and cities." -- Shareef Abdul-Malik, founder WeBuyBlack.com

To support the “Our Community, Our Responsibility!” initiative, go to webuyblack.com/community and subscribe today. Recurring donation amounts start at just $5.

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