Black Business Sells Popcorn Inspired By Soul Food Recipes

Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn is nothing like anything you’ve tasted before. This Black owned business makes “All-Natural Popcorn To Feed The Soul,” with flavors inspired by real soul food recipes. Soul Popped flavors are all vegetarian and the company also offers vegan flavors. From “Big Momma’s Fried Chicken” to “The Real Dill Pickle,” these delectable flavored popcorn recipes are sending customers into a frenzy.

Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn started in Austin, Texas, in 2016. The founder, De J. Lozada, created Soul Popped to give consumers a healthier way to enjoy the soul food they love, without wrecking their health. The company has quickly distinguished itself with its one-of-a-kind flavors that “not only taste amazing, but also evoke fond memories of love and home.” In addition to premium flavors, Soul Popped also uses premium packaging which allows their “flavor powders to easily be redistributed to each and every kernel without the need for chemicals to make them stick.”

De J. Lozada started Soul Popped in 2016. Two things were obvious to her at the time — no one was making popcorn that was truly original and more importantly, she found that should could actually flavor popcorn that actually tastes like the foods we all crave. Lozada began by selling her popcorn at the farmer’s market, where her popcorn sold out quickly. Soul Popped recently moved into Barton Creek Square, a mall in Austin, Texas. The sky is the limit for Soul Popped.

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