Black Cosmetics Companies Use Non-Black Manufacturers, She’s Changing That

Photo: Valerie Rowan, Founder

Here’s an ugly fact: Black owned businesses largely depend on non-Black manufacturers. Whether the products are made in China or in North America, the raw materials and manufacturing generally come from elsewhere. Until Black people own the means of production, even as entrepreneurs, true freedom is still outstanding. In the beauty industry this is especially true but there is a company based in Alabama that is changing the narrative and in doing so, changing history. Wholesale Natural Body Care is ushering in an entirely new era in Black cosmetics, returning us to our roots of Black self-reliance.

Wholesale Natural Body Care manufacturing facility

I Use Naturals is the signature brand produced by the Wholesale Natural Body Care company. I Use Naturals offers fresh, high quality, paraben and gluten free, naturally formulated cosmetics. I Use Naturals offers a full line of products for skin, hair, body and even feminine care. The company uses only the highest manufacturing standards and over a 20 year period, has grown such that people all over the world use their products. From shampoos and conditioners, deodorants and body butters, to facial and feminine care, I Use Naturals does it all. Doing it all, however, is something that only a true manufacturing company can do.

In addition to the I Use Naturals brand, Wholesale Natural Body Care produces products for many companies, all over the country. Wholesale Natural Body Care, as a manufacturer, is making the dreams of small business owners come true, each day. Most importantly, they are helping other Black owned businesses offer customers the very best products, 100 percent manufactured by a Black owned business. Whether you are just starting your own business or have experience, Wholesale Natural has a solution for you. You can now offer your customers a complete product line, branded to your specifications, without the startup capital necessary to build an entire manufacturing apparatus, through this amazing company.

Whether you’re looking for excellent, natural products for personal use or need a manufacturer to help your startup cosmetics business grow, there is a single destination: Wholesale Natural Body Care. This company was founded by Valerie Rowan, a Black woman who built her business through sheer determination and grit. She started small, making lotions and creams, then gradually began wholesaling. Today she runs a full manufacturing apparatus in Huntsville and is empowering entrepreneurs all over the world. It’s time for real, natural, excellent products. It’s time for full and complete independence. Wholesale Natural Body Care is the way forward.

  1. Georgeina V. Driver
    Georgeina V. Driver
    February 26, 2020 at 3:31 pm

    Hi my name is, Georgeina. And I own a small all natural and organic skincare business. I started the business 7 years ago, with the hopes of becoming self-reliance by now. Unfortunately I want a pond Bloomers trials and tribulations. I’m just too determined to give up.
    I’m interested in learning more about expansion of my brand.
    I would love to schedule a phone conference if possible.
    We’re quite a distance from each other or else I would suggest a person’s a person.
    I enjoyed reading your articles, and I look forward hearing from a representative of your company.
    Sincerely Georgeina

  2. 2grand
    March 2, 2020 at 2:08 am

    I would love to know the prices of your product (wholesale and retail).

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