5 Tips to Survive Your Next Hotel Stay

YOUR SURVIVAL KIT Rubber gloves (disposable) Clorox wipes ZipLoc bags Socks Hand soap Lysol Flip flops ($1 flip flops to dispose of them) Long Johns sleepwear to cover your body    



Sanitize. Immediately wipe down all door knobs, the refrigerator handle, microwave, door key, light switches, shower knobs, sink knobs. Spray your shower/tub down with Lysol, spray the knobs, spray the air, spray and sanitize everything!


Inspection. Pull those linens back, inspect the pillows and bedding for any stains, bodily fluids, hair, or any sign of bugs. This is important because it has been proven that some hotels ( yes, even some world renowned top brands ) don’t change their sheets after each occupancy.


Safeguard. While you’re away on travel, whether it’s for business or leisure…you may want to keep up with your favorite tv shows, I get it. To finesse this, you should cover the remote control in the clear ice bags that are neatly folded on the ice box container. Because it’s clear, you can place the remote control in the plastic bag and comfortably change the channels that way. Safe from germs! Remotes hold alot of germs and bacteria. FYI: My remotes at home get cleaned every two days


Protect Yourself. Showering in a hotel can be an ok experience if you take proper precaution. You should have already sprayed down your bathroom and cleansed the areas you will access. Place a towel on the outside of the shower/tub so you can comfortably step directly on. We can do this a few different ways, you can go in the shower wearing your disposable flip flops (be careful not to slip), put a towel down on the base of the shower, or clean it yourself and step directly on the floor of the shower/tub (if it appears well kept). Also, if I go to a hotel/resort and it doesn’t have a clear door to enter the shower but a shower curtain instead, I always request a new shower curtain and/or shower liner. This will prevent you from coming in contact with germs from an old liner. Hotels rarely change them.


You can either use their towels or use your own. If there is a washer and dryer in the unit, I usually spray it down, and rewash the towels using a detergent I’m used to.


You should have already inspected the linens. If something doesn’t look right, feel right, or you just want to be assured, request a new set of bedding…I do it all the time. Wear your all in one pajamas, no shorts or night shirts. You need to be covered. Also, never walk around barefoot. Always keep some form of shoes on…remember those $1 flip flops I told you about? Wear them! The carpet in hotels are not sanitized and disinfected often, and we carry an outrageous number of germs on the bottom of our shoes.  And you don’t want your bare skin touching that…do you?

These tips can apply for hotels of any star rating. I try to book hotels that are 4 stars or higher simply because I take my hotel stays serious, and I want to stay somewhere nice. And I believe that you deserve the same privilege as well, no matter the hotel or rating.

  The first step to a well designed home is a clean home. XO, Tiara  
Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, nor is it referencing any Las Vegas hotel, or any hotel establishment directly.

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