Black Tech Company Creates Airfare Layaway |

Black Tech Company Creates Airfare Layaway

Black Tech Start Up Lets You Put Flights on Layaway |

Airfordable CEO and Co-founder Ama Marfo. Credit: Airfordable

If you’ve been pining away for a trip to the islands or haven’t seen family in years due to high ticket costs, a new company is here to help you finally make that trip.

Airfordable, a Black-owned, Chicago-based start-up, allows travelers to pay for flights in installments. Airfordable CEO and co-founder Ama Marfo got the idea for the company after spending too many holidays stuck in her dorm room. The Ghana native attended Drexel University and recalls having to celebrate Christmas on campus with the many other international students who couldn’t afford the ticket home.

“I wanted to see my family in Ghana during school breaks, but couldn’t afford the $2,000 ticket,” she said. “I stayed in the dorm alone or with other international students who couldn’t go home. Because of this personal frustration, I set out to determine how to make travel more accessible.”

Airfordable works by allowing travelers to find a fare online at any travel site and uploading a screenshot with their flight details.

Once the fare is approved by Airfordable, an upfront deposit is required and a payment plan is calculated that ends sometime before your flight takes off. After the final payment is received, Airfordable will email you a confirmed e-ticket for the trip.

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