Black Woman Creates Device To Protect Son From Police Violence

Christian Johnson had seen several videos of police killing Black men right before her teenage son started driving. Her fear drove her to create Driver Watchdog, a driver assistance monitoring device. Driver Watchdog gave Johnson peace of mind, knowing she could always monitor what was happening inside and outside of the car her son was driving. Through Driver Watchdog, Johnson also had the ability to communicate easily with her son and monitor his driving habits. All of that is just the tip of the iceberg — Driver Watchdog is a complete game changer. Johnson didn’t think a dashboard camera was nearly enough so she created Driver Watchdog with dual internal and external panoramic cameras that catch everything — road conditions, accidents, break-ins, police stops and more. The internal camera can monitor distracted behaviors like texting and driving. Just as important, the two way technology allows parents like Johnson to communicate instantly with their children when those behaviors are observed. Both cameras automatically stream data to the cloud for review and safe storage. Johnson felt better knowing that she could keep an eye on her son but several months later she became aware that her aging mother also needed extra protection. Johnson’s mother was a diabetic who suffered a stroke while driving. Johnson wanted to make sure she could keep an eye on her mother and be the first alerted if anything happened to her. Driver Watchdog has a mobile remote panic button in case of emergencies. Activating the panic button triggers recording of both cameras and sends an emergency message to your predetermined contacts by email, text or phone call. The technology allows family members to act as a virtual companion to drivers in need. Further, Driver Watchdog detects collisions, records them, automatically sends emergency alerts and backs up the data for insurance purposes. The fatigue sensor helps sleep deprived drivers stay alert. It detects head nodding and closed eyes, then alerts the driver. Driver Watchdog provides real peace of mind.   Driver Watchdog is the world’s smartest driver assistance and monitoring device. It is wireless, can be used in any car and uses smart technology to provide real peace of mind. It turns your car into a secure, private Wifi hotspot and uses Wifi as an emergency connection when your cellphone isn’t available. Christian Johnson is a single mother, domestic violence survivor and motivational speaker — she is also a Black tech entrepreneur and CEO of Driver Watchdog. Her fear was a gateway to creativity and a great discovery that may well change everything for Black motorists, especially.

Driver Watchdog is the future.


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