Black Woman Runs #1 After School, Summer Youth Entrepreneurship Program In Texas

72 percent of teens would like to start a business and they’ll likely need to. The world is changing and the educational system is largely leaving our young people unprepared for the 21st century workforce: 40 percent of teens are unmotivated and unprepared for college, according to Crystal Victoria. Victoria is the founder of Teen Biz Camp, a dynamic program operating in four cities, including Dallas and Houston. With the launch of its new Teen Biz popup shop inside the upscale Galleria Mall in Houston, Crystal is expecting a $360,000 economic impact to low income communities.

Teen Biz Camp’s program runs for 8 weeks and targets teens from 12 to 18-years-old. Teens receive classes from local business owners and professionals, explore their community through field trips, receive a business starter kit with a tablet and online store to teach financial literacy and extensive community engagement. The program has served 500 kids and trains them to become entrepreneurs. In fact, teens in the program actually begin making money in 8 weeks. The organization recently launched its teen-ran popup shop at The Galleria. Teens now have a year-round opportunity to sell products in a high traffic, upscale setting. The popup shop features new inventory and teen entrepreneurs each week, also.

Teen Biz Camp is the real deal and the experiences these young participants receive from it is invaluable. Young people today are entering a workforce radically different from even 20 years ago. Security is gone and pensions are an archaic term, found only in the dictionary. The new economy requires entrepreneurship to survive and even for employees, entrepreneurial skills are a nonnegotiable. Crystal Victoria sees the need clearly and is doing something about it. The 500 teens she has served are but a mere deposit on a much greater return, in years ahead.

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  1. Shareca Vallaire
    Shareca Vallaire
    January 29, 2020 at 3:52 am

    Thank you for publishing the article on Target Evolution Teen Biz Camp. I’m a parent who chose to enroll my son, Brice Everhart of Vallaire’s For Men into the camp this past summer. Even though Brice already had a business prior to starting the camp, enrolling him in the camp has been priceless. He and his business continues to grow exponentially. It also provides Brice with a community of like minded youth who are focused on creating financial success at an early age. Crystal Victoria has created a program that is destined to change the lives of today’s youth and she has parents standing with her.

  2. D. Abeiku Cole , Jr
    D. Abeiku Cole , Jr
    January 30, 2020 at 11:11 pm

    What a great story I am so impressed with Crystal and Teen Biz camp team!. Uhai is a Messaging & Collaboration platform for users to connect, communicate and collaborate for mobile, desktop and laptop.

    I wanted to inquire if there was a digital platform currently allowing for those participants to digitally connect with their peers, mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, and black businesses? If warranted would love to discuss or provide some additional information. I am based in Atlanta.



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