I Got Burned By A Black Owned Company, What Now?

No one can oppress you unless you give them the money to do it. Let me repeat that — NO one can oppress you unless you give them the money to do it. Buying Black is about recognizing how we are enabling our own oppression and making the decision to stop funding it, at all […]

2 Brands To Put On And Over Your Skin

Neter Gold literally covers every inch of your body. From eczema relief to beard care, deodorant to scalp care, this company has everything you need. Your skin is yours and you should give it the best. Neter Gold offers loc enhancing butter and acne relief products. In addition, they offer several products for kids! The […]

2019: Civil Rights Workers Are Still Getting Killed

Why would a 75-year-old lady, a community leader, be left dead in the trunk of her car? This is the question Baton Rouge Police are trying to figure out today, as a community mourns. Sadie Roberts-Joseph, a renowned activist, was found dead in the trunk of her car last week, just 3 miles from her home. […]

A Black Beauty Supply Owner Spills The Tea On The Industry

Recently we began a series on the quest of Black entrepreneurs to take back the beauty supply industry. Roughly 70 percent of retail stores are controlled by Korean Americans. More importantly, they essentially control distribution of hair and haircare products. Even when Black entrepreneurs buy or open stores, they can be (and often are) put […]

Buy Black Check: What’d You Purchase This Month?

We want buying Black to be a lifestyle, not just a source of social media content. How did you do for the month of June? What Black businesses did you support? Buying Black doesn’t have to be so overwhelming — it can feel that way, I know. My suggestion is always to find one product […]

CoCo Gauff Is The Future of Women’s Tennis

Cori “CoCo” Gauff took the sports world by storm during her improbable run through Wimbledon last week. The 15 year old tennis star is the youngest player in history to ever qualify for the tournament. Despite being relatively unknown heading in, she quickly became a fan favorite.   Introduction To The World The Delray Beach, Florida […]

Jaden Smith Uses Vegan Food Truck To Feed Homeless

Jaden Smith is a critically acclaimed actor and rapper. He’s also becoming quite the philanthropist. During his birthday weekend he took to Instagram to unveil his “I Love You” pop up vegan restaurant. He used the vegan food truck to give out free vegan meals to the homeless on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, […]

Cupcakes Are Sweeter From These Black Owned Businesses: Where We Buy Black

Before Making a Purchase, Search! How many cupcakes do you eat in a year? Every sweet bite you take could create wealth and opportunity for Black people. Before you make your next cupcake purchase, check to see if the bakery is Black owned. To help you get started, here are several cupcakeries from around the […]

4 Upgrades You Need, All From Black Owned Companies

Lavish Phones NY is a cellphone case retailer that caters to the Black community. They feature unique cases with portraits and designs that look exactly like us. Lavish Phones NY is the place to find cases that look and feel like you — stylish, functional and on the go! You have a phone case but now let’s get and upgrade, […]

Having Trouble Finding Black Owned Businesses? Presenting WHERE We Buy Black

Are you having trouble finding Black owned businesses? Welcome to WHERE We Buy Black. Each day hundreds of our followers ask us for help on buying Black and we hear you loud and clear. Where We Buy Black will function as a shopping assistant, helping to spotlight a select number of Black owned companies in […]