Dr. King Would Be Fighting Gentrification Today

In 1966 Dr. King moved into a building at 1550 S. Hamlin Avenue, in the slums of Chicago’s West Side. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 had passed but Black people weren’t free, so long as they had limited housing options. King had to fight housing discrimination in Chicago on two fronts: whites refused to […]

I Have A Dream Is The Root Of Black Power

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addressing crowd of demonstrators outside the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on Aug. 28, 1963. Francis Miller/The LIFE Picture Collection—Getty Images Dr. King said a lot more than “I Have a Dream” but we shouldn’t miss the significance of the dreamer. Dreams are the root […]

4 Things You Should Do Before You Start Your Next Renovation

New year, new decade, and new home design projects. Before you do any renovation or redesign to your home, you must first create a plan. Clients that I’ve worked with in the past usually jump into their renovation without creating a budget or any type of design direction. Usually, most people hire a general contractor, […]

Pittsburgh Helped 100,000 Enslaved People Find Freedom

Canada may have been the promised land for some but Pittsburgh was the salvation of many. Pittsburgh was arguably the most critical city on the Underground Railroad: without Pittsburgh, it simply wouldn’t have worked. It is estimated that 100,000 people escaped to freedom because of Pittsburgh, a legacy that should never be forgotten. The Steel […]

Celebrity Barber Runs Barber College Inside Of Jails

Federal and state prisons held nearly a half million Black people, entering 2018. Several studies indicate that over half who get out of prison go back: the inability to find work is the biggest reason. A celebrity barber is doing something bold, in an attempt to help incarcerated men and women survive. Larry Roberts, Jr. […]

Dr. King Was Born 91 Years Ago Today, Here’s The $830 Million Question He’d Ask Now

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Robert Taylor Homes (Source: Getty Images) Dr. King would have been 91-years-old today, if not for an assassin’s bullet in 1968. When King last spoke to Black America, it was with a clear directive to build vibrant Black institutions and use the Black dollar to combat racism (click here […]

This 15-Year-Old Started With A Cart, Now Owns An Ice Cream Parlor

Most 8-year-olds look forward to a birthday party with cake and ice cream. Victor “Beau” Tracy Shell, however, had bigger things on his mind approaching his eighth birthday. He shocked his parents by asking for an ice cream cart so that he could buy his own toys, help his family and also have access to […]

He Built A Grocery Store Empire Before Slavery Was Abolished

Soul Food Market will be a top rate grocery store, completely owned and operated by Black people. Soul Food Market, however, will not be the first of its kind. Well before the Civil War started, Samuel T. Wilcox built a grocery empire with annual sales in excess of $4 million, in today’s dollars. Many tried […]

Don’t Start A Business To Pursue Your Passion

Image: Getty How do you get rich? It’s a question that literally every single person on the planet has pondered and yet few people actually seem to pull it off. There are an abundance of seminars and classes, online trainings and “systems” for sale but the answer is painfully obvious. If you identify a need […]

Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes Opening Her Own Gymnastics Academy

The sport of gymnastics has been rocked by scandal for several years. Two decades of rampant sexual abuse culminated On November 5, 2018; that’s when the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) announced that it would decertify USA Gymnastics as the national governing body for the sport, at the Olympic level. USA Gymnastics filed for bankruptcy one month […]