Black Entrepreneurs Just Want To Be Treated Fairly…By Black Consumers

I happen to sell True Laundry Detergent and I love it. One of the frustrating things, however, is the occasional customer that discriminates against me. That is, they treat me differently than they do Tide or other brands. For example, I was recently asked by a potential customer, “Did you work with a dermatologist when […]

Let’s Make 100 Black Millionaires Before 2020: Lessons From Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

When Black baseball players weren’t allowed access to the white leagues, they created the Negro Leagues. When Blacks were not allowed to attend state universities — which we paid taxes to fund — we created HBCUs. Today Black entrepreneurs often struggle to raise capital to launch or grow their businesses. Most urgently, Black entrepreneurs (me […]

Get The Perfect Wave Pattern With This Black Owned Brush

Who knows more about Black hair than Black people? I’ll wait. A good wave pattern is key when you step out, fellas. You need commitment to grooming and a good brush to achieve it. Smooth Stylz is a Black owned company that offers original, handmade brushes in three different styles — burgundy (with handle), dark brown and […]

Do We Like Black Businesses Succeeding Or The Idea Of Them Succeeding?

I like the idea of being vegan — living longer, looking younger and being healthier — but I don’t actually like being vegan. Going without meats, cheese and “real” cupcakes is just overwhelming for me. In the same way, far too many people like the idea of Black businesses being successful but in fact, don’t […]

After The Convention, Now It’s Time For Action

The 2019 We Buy Black Convention was utterly amazing — if you weren’t there, I’m judging (a little bit). But We Buy Black was never intended to be an entity focused on hype or events but real, concrete action. At stake is what our future will look like for the “Next 400 Years,” after marking […]

Stars Are Born At The We Buy Black Convention

Marc Parham is the Director of The Entrepreneurship Center for the National Urban League of Atlanta. When he arrived at the Convention this past weekend he remarked, “These types of events used to just be shea butter, shea butter and more shea butter but we have everything!” Parham bought a t-shirt, wireless earbuds and a […]

A Company Offering Everything For Hair And Skin Care

Everyone wants to feel pampered and touched by luxury, here and there. Xotics Verbena Body Oil leaves your body silky smooth and delivers a captivating aroma. Experience a unique blend of essential oils that nourishes, protects, hydrates and repairs your skin. Each product Xotics sells is mixed the old-fashioned way to ensure quality and freshness. This summer do yourself a favor […]

If You Missed The We Buy Black Convention, You Missed So Much

The 2nd Annual We Buy Black Convention just wrapped up yesterday and it was surreal. One minute I’m having a conversation with Boyce Watkins about the workshop he’d just wrapped up — in an intimate session, with serious Black entrepreneur attendees — like it was normal. The next minute I’m in the hallway on a […]

For Us By Us: 90’s brands making a comeback

Not only are black designers making pivotal moves in the fashion world, but iconic brands like FUBU and Karl Kani are definitely making a comeback. These black owned clothing brands from the 90’s were not only a staple in the Hip Hop community, but also embodied the urban culture. Every major artist from LL Cool […]

We Buy Black Releases Full Convention Schedule

The We Buy Black Convention starts today! This weekend we are “Setting The Precedent For The Next 400 Years” and finally, we are releasing the full details. The Convention will kick off tonight with The Next 400 Gala. You can still get tickets if you act NOW, click here. Saturday and Sunday we will have […]