Brand New Black Banking, Haircare & Fashion Products

MoCaFi is a financial network helping everyday people prosper with financial education, credit building tools, and a prepaid card program. Nearly 50% of Black and Hispanic households are unbanked or underbanked. MoCaFi helps you spend smarter by tracking bills and paydays, build credit by helping you report rent payments to Equifax and build financial literacy. MoCaFi does all that and much more. Get better understanding of your financial health today with MoCaFi.

TCG Footwear (Thoroughly Crafted Goods) is a leading e-commerce lifestyle brand that features captivating stylish shoes and accessories for men. In 2018 Dr. Kerry Cox and Kyle Cox acquired the brand. The philosophy of this father and son tandem is a commitment to impeccable service, unparalleled quality, bespoke craftsmanship and distinctive style. TCG Footwear believes that quality craftsmanship, style, and comfort can never be compromised. With that as their foundation, the brand can and will continue to grow and evolve. Get serious quality, style and craftsmanship, shop TCG Footwear.

Since 1998 NouriTress has been helping women regrow, nourish and maintain healthy hair. NouriTress Hair Products are the #1 Multicultural Hair Restoration Treatment products that assist with healthy hair maintenance, hair shedding, breakage, thinning and hair loss. These vitamin based, clinically researched and Doctor recommended products are formulated to help clients regrow, repair and restore their hair to a healthy condition. Shop NouriTress today!

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