Business Spotlight: 'The South Chicken and Waffles' (San Antonio, TX)

In the world of food, high quality and great taste are increasingly fleeting characteristics that we accept as necessary trade offs for convenience and availability. In the never ending quest for great food at affordable prices, where does a San Antonio Texas native or out of town empty stomach traveler turn? Introducing, The South Chicken and Waffles, a restaurant started by Chef Belvin, who hails from Louisiana and aims to bring a bevy of Southern dishes and heritage recipes to a restaurant environment. The South Chicken and Waffles, located off Callaghan road in San Antonio offers everything from catfish, oxtail, gumbo, jumbalaya, and obviously it’s own original rendition of chicken and waffles. The South Chicken and Waffles features all day breakfast and brunch options, as well as a lunch and dinner menu. Open from 7 to 3 on weekdays, and 9 to 3 on weekends (Closed on Mondays), The South Chicken and Waffles aims to bring a distinctly Southern sensibility to the kitchen, with a modernistic decor at family friendly prices. For all Texas natives, and out of town visitors, if a hidden gem of a restaurant and great southern food is what you seek, The South Chicken and Waffles aims to provide. If you’re in the neighborhood, consider checking it out!


The South Chicken & Waffles 5739 Callaghan Rd. Ste 100 San Antonio 78228, USA (210) 647-6677  ]]>

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