WE BUY BLACK HOLIDAY GUIDE: 5 Perfect Children's Books!

“Kwame and His Great Adventures: Kwame Meets Jackie Robinson” Kwame (little boy)  invents a watch that teleports him back in time where he meets one of his favorite historical figures who teaches him a valuable lesson in overcoming challenges despite what people think. If you have a budding baseball player this is the book for them! Buy Here 

“A Day in the Life of a Shoe”

A Day in the Life of a Shoe shares the story of The Little Rock Nine, as told from the perspective of a shoe worn by Elizabeth Eckford on her first day at Central High School. With charm and unexpected insight, the shoe recalls her memories of September 4, 1957. Incorporate history and teach your child courage and empathy in “A Day in the Life of a Shoe”. Buy Here  

“I CAN BE” Little Miss Sugarplum Coloring & Activity Book

I CAN BE” features 18 illustrations celebrating Black women in different occupations and career paths. Girls of all ages will love coloring in this book. It is designed to spark their imagination and creativity while also learning about some phenomenal women who look just like them. As each woman is depicted by Little Miss Sugarplum, our girls can see themselves achieving these goals and more. It empowers them to believe their dreams are possible! Little Miss Sugarplum is a character created by Illustrator Anika A. Sabree. A playful and inquisitive little brown girl who proudly wears her hair in two huge afro puffs that loves science and nature. Buy Here 

“Amazingly Brown”

This complete educational activity set includes: 6 colored cards, 6 black and white cards for kids to color, stories and reading comprehension questions for each card, 8 multicultural crayola crayons and 8 regular crayola crayons. After coloring is complete, IT TURNS INTO A MATCHING CARD GAME! This activity set is perfect for winding down a holiday night and spending quality time together. Buy Here

“Amazingly Diverse

Many families have members of different nationalities. Whether it be asian, latin, african, or white, you can help foster inclusive attitudes in children with Amazingly Diverse.Amazingly Diverse, uses art to foster inclusive, positive attitudes about multiple racial/ethnic groups. Amazingly Diverse includes: 7 colored cards, 7 black and white cards for kids to color, stories and reading comprehension questions for each card, 8 multicultural Crayola crayons and 8 regular Crayola crayons. Buy Here     

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