Black Fashion Designers Combating Covid-19 By Donating Masks

Since Covid-19 has taken the world by storm, hospitals and medical offices around the world are running critically low on healthcare supplies. Due to this dangerous pandemic, masks and other medical supplies are being purchased faster than companies can produce them. This is leaving the medical professionals at a disadvantage. Hospitals and other medical facilties […]

Emerge From Quarantine In Style With These 16 Black Owned Clothing Brands

At some point the quarantine will end. When that happens, how will you emerge: fashionable or not? Check out these 16 Black owned clothing brands and make sure that you reintroduce yourself to the world in style. WRLDINVSN (world-in-vision) is a brand “Made in New Orleans.” WRLDINVSN provides original design and branded fashion apparel for […]

The Ultimate Black Owned Skincare Company Guide

WESTEND61/GETTY IMAGES The skin is the largest organ of the body and what you put on it matters. You want safe, natural and effective products so here’s the ultimate guide to Black owned skincare! Red Rose Naturals enhances your outer beauty by creating luxurious, organic and natural products to help you safely nourish healthy skin. […]

Stores Sell Hats, This Black Designer Makes Crowns

Phil Knight created Nike with a singular focus, to expand human potential through footwear. In the fashion world, designers do a variety of things well but few focus on being the best at anything. Dungeon Forward is a Black owned corporation that designs the absolute dopest headwear this side of the universe. Dungeon Forward “crowns” are for the […]

Black Millennial Entrepreneur Seeking To Break Bank, Earn $1 Million In 50 Days!

This black business owner illustrates the power of having a platform and turning it into a profit! B.Simone has announced that she has until her 30th birthday, April 5, 2020, to reach her goal of 1 million dollars through company sales. As of now, she has 29 days left!  Beauty guru, stand up comedian, social media […]

Barber Creates Sea Moss Soap, Cures Daughter’s Eczema & Psoriasis

No one is in touch with the needs of Black people like barbers and hair stylists. Each week they touch people and listen to them talk about their fears and greatest hopes. Barbers also experience problems in their own home, something Robert (Mac) McKenzie knows very well. His daughter suffered from eczema, psoriasis and dry […]

Black Fashion Designer Lost Everything, Now His Clothing Line Is Flourishing

Good clothing can make you look nice. Great clothing can actually inspire you to achieve more than what you currently are. Dreams 2 Lifestyle is a full fashion line for people with dreams, who want to look amazing while they pursue them. Dreams 2 Lifestyles offers fashions for your entire year-round experience — bomber jackets […]

Her Parents Were Slaves, She Became A Haircare Mogul

In 1905, Madam C. J. Walker launched her hair care products business. By 1918, she had a mansion that happened to be in the same neighborhood as John Rockefeller. The unlikely rise of Walker from a cotton plantation to the ranks of the elite is a story of self determination and grit. Walker, after all, […]

Fashion Fair Beauty Was A First In Cosmetics, It Will Remain Black Owned

Photo: Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post Once upon a time Black fashion models had to mix up their own foundations to match their skin tone — there were no Fenty Beautys back then. Eunice W. Johnson saw that firsthand, as the creator of the Ebony Fashion Fair Show, and decided to do something about it. The […]

Black Chemist Produces Breakthrough To Moisturize Skin & Hair

Science often gives us a slight edge over nature. When science is skillfully blended with nature, however, things advance dramatically. A Black chemist is ushering in that type of leap forward in the science of beauty. Ni’Kita Wilson is a chemist who worked decades in the cosmetics industry, developing over 3,200 products for some of the top […]