Black Restaurants Are Doing Joint Popups To Weather The Quarantine Storm

Shawn Michelle’s Homemade Ice Cream is where you go for an amazing, Black owned ice cream experience, on the South Side of Chicago. Batter and Berries is where you go for a heavenly, Black owned breakfast experience, on the North Side. On Sunday, however, both were under the same roof. Traffic at restaurants has all […]

Water Scarcity Could Be Next: Check Out These Black Owned Water Companies

Grocery stores all over the country are sold out of water. This current water shortage, brought on by the ongoing quarantine, could be a foreshadowing of events. 5.7 billion people will lack access to clean, safe water by 2050. Drought, wars and other conflicts are sure to follow: a community that cannot provide water for itself stands […]

3 Products For A Different Feel

C.J. Watson, former NBA star, has released a children’s book this year titled C.J.’s Big Dream. The story follows a young boy from a low-income neighborhood with a big game that day. By believing in himself, he works his hardest to succeed at his game which he hopes will inspire kids everywhere to work hard for what […]

Tip Harris, Killer Mike Re-Open Historic Black Restaurant That Closed After 50 Years

Photo: Mike Jordan, The Boombox; Rommel Demano, Getty Images 50 years is a long time, especially in the restaurant business. That’s how long Bankhead Seafood’s doors were open, before owner Helen Brown Harden closed the restaurant without giving the community any warning, in 2018: no one had a clue. According to Harden, Bankhead Seafood was […]

Black Millennial Entrepreneur Seeking To Break Bank, Earn $1 Million In 50 Days!

This black business owner illustrates the power of having a platform and turning it into a profit! B.Simone has announced that she has until her 30th birthday, April 5, 2020, to reach her goal of 1 million dollars through company sales. As of now, she has 29 days left!  Beauty guru, stand up comedian, social media […]

Honey Pot Sales Are Soaring: Why Does It Take Attack From Whites To Buy Black?

Honey Pot’s sales roughly doubled after the backlash began over the company’s Target commercial. On the Monday after, according to the company’s founder, sales were up 40% to 50 higher than normal. The surge is a direct result of Black women joining in solidarity to support Honey Pot, against an onslaught of attacks: Black women […]

Four Unique, New Black Owned Products

Tiny Tots & Tikes is your destination for cute clothes, decor and books for kids. The company specializes in giving parents the things that Black children want and even handles custom orders right on their site. Shop Tiny Tots & Tikes today. Neter Gold literally covers every inch of your body. From eczema relief to beard […]

Did You Spend At Least $500 With Black Owned Businesses During Black History Month?

The average household spent $7,923 last year on food, or roughly, $660 each month. Buying Black must be a lifestyle for Black consumers but of all months, February should be especially motivating. The degree to which Black people truly value the culture and history isn’t measured by social media posts: there are receipts. As we […]

A Black Doctor Is Schooling Us With The Ultimate Fashion Accessory

Exclusivity is the ultimate distinction, in fashion. When 50,000 people are wearing the same shirt that you are it’s less valuable, even if well made. NCMPRBL (pronounced: N-Com-Par-ah-bull) is a watch brand that not only offers consumers great craftsmanship and a proclaimed “feeling and a look” but also, pieces that only you’ll be wearing to the office […]