5 Products You Didn’t Know Black Companies Made

Brains and Beauty Dolls are multicultural dolls with real human hair designed to represent girls of color. The company’s goal is to inspire little girls to embrace their uniqueness, individual beauty, intelligence, culture, and leadership ability. They also challenge young girls to achieve their goals and dreams in style. Shop Brains and Beauty Dolls today. […]

5 Black Owned Companies To Put On Your Radar

You probably didn’t start your business to spend hours figuring out debits, credits, payroll, taxes, etc., but Right Choice Accounting Solutions did! This Black owned accounting firm helps you focus on running your business, while they take care of bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning, CFO services, financial coaching and much more. Accounting is the language of business and […]

Black Owned Restaurants Are Dying In San Francisco

The first Black owned bar in San Francisco opened in 1959, Sam Jordan’s Bar and Grill. Sam Jordan was a community activist and light-heavyweight boxing champion, who won the San Francisco Golden Gloves diamond belt in 1948. Sam was the man. After opening the bar in 1959, he became the first Black person to run […]

Brand New Black Banking, Finance & Fashion Products

MoCaFi is a financial network helping everyday people prosper with financial education, credit building tools, and a prepaid card program. Nearly 50% of Black and Hispanic households are unbanked or underbanked. MoCaFi helps you spend smarter by tracking bills and paydays, build credit by helping you report rent payments to Equifax and build financial literacy. […]

3 New Black Brands You Actually Can Use

A.I.C. Publications is all about empowering people through literature. The book publishing industry is saturated with negative and destructive images, which are marketed heavily to the Black community. A.I.C. Publications is changing those narratives and also offering a host of literary products to inspire and uplift our community. The company is especially proud to offer a […]

3 New Products For Kids & Parents

Shy Chy Books offers a series of books all about encouraging children to be themselves and embracing their individuality. The first book, “I can’t, I can’t… I CAN!” is about a girl who desires to make friends and participate in different activities, but she is held back by her shyness. This book includes lessons about […]

5 Black Owned Companies You Should Be Checking For

Axum watches are pure luxury and the best of fashion, yet specifically designed with an eye on affordability. “Mind your time and stay focused” is the brand’s motto and with their amazing designs, everyone else will be focused on you. Shop Axum watches today. STEM education is the future and with Blue Studios it’s available […]

Hot Products For Weight Loss, Financial Literacy & Household

Conversations about money and financial literacy should start early and Knowledge Bank gives families tools to start that journey. Knowledge Bank is committed to improving the financial literacy of youth and underserved communities. Their programs are designed to introduce new concepts, start new conversations and teach life application. Knowledge Bank offers a 3-component approach to […]

4 Black Owned Companies You Need To Learn About Today

Ready for game night? Fam Foolery creates games that celebrate Black culture and history, giving you more reasons to laugh with the ones you love. The gaming industry isn’t very inclusive of Black culture and as a result, not only are many games on the market lacking cues and content salient to Black people but they […]

Tuesday’s Hot Products — From Jewelry To Gifts For Kids

BeadsByDez specializes in handmade bracelets, designed to wow and create positive energy. No matter what vibe you need, BeadsByDez has a product just for you. From bracelets made to accent your astrological sign to creations made specifically for men who need a fashion edge, this company has a product for every consumer. BeadsByDez utilizes a […]