Kwanzaa Starts Today, Here Are 6 Products To Unify Around

Let the wonders of nature help you achieve healthy hair and skin with ItzMade4Me! Made of all-natural ingredients, the hair and body moisturizer from ItzMade4Me actively conditions the hair, scalp, and skin while giving them the essential nourishment to stay in prime health. Shop ItzMade4Me today. “Sometimes you have to stop following the trends to become The Trend.” That’s […]

6 New Black Owned Brands You Need For The New Year

Do you want more customers? Of course you do! Advantage Solutions is here to help. They are a data-driven, e-commerce retailer with years of experience in multichannel commerce and marketing. They introduce your products to new markets— domestically and internationally— as well as the promotion, optimization, and sale of your products through their own carefully […]

Atlanta Will Host January Exhibition Of Black Owned Spirits Producers

The volume of the U.S. beverage market totals over 200 billion liters of liquid. Alcohol is responsible for 16.5% of that total beverage volume, meaning the industry creates quite a few millionaires. How many of them are Black? Not many but Black people have the opportunity to change the narrative. On January 18 Atlanta will […]

New Products For Kids & Dad

Khojo Kids is a lifestyle brand for kids. Khojo provides ready made pieces that makes our young kings and queens stand out and feel confident. The brand values culture, raising our children to have healthy eating habits, and providing them with learn and play activities to help feed their brain. Shop Khojo Kids today. G for Men is skin […]

Black Owned Holiday Store Has Ugly and Pretty Sweaters, Plus Decor

Christmas shouldn’t just be another day. Christmas isn’t complete without that same magical vibe you felt as a kid and now you can have it, thanks to the Santa Don’t Pass Me By store. Whether you need an ugly or pretty sweater, Christmas themed pillow, cell phone case or pajamas, they have everything you need […]

Black Businesses In DC Can Be Found In One New Location

DC is the most gentrified city in the country. The benefits of that development, however, have been slow to reach east of the Anacostia River, home to the city’s 7th and 8th Wards. Mary Blackford knew that she and her neighbors had to either travel to other parts of the city for retail and food […]

Lack Of Employment Contributing To Mental Health Distress In Black Men

Cristin Dent @thegodpsychology Where do black men go to heal? Where do they share their fears, their trauma, and confusion? Economic distress serves as a driving factor of depression, suicide, and personal distress, especially for Black men. The pressure to find a job, maintain employment, healing from grief and loss, securing adequate transportation, and giving their […]

Three Essential Products For Black Households

Gifted & Lit is a program that uses hip hop to teach children math, science and more. If you’re worried that the music your kids are listening to is impacting them negatively, here is a great solution. Shop Gifted & Lit today! Tribe Worldwide Apparel makes “Pro Black Streetwear Fashion for men, women, and youth.” Their line is […]

4 New Black Owned Companies To Try

Perfectly Hued is an illustration-based boutique that features children’s greeting cards and stationery. Created to fill the void of stationery and greeting cards available for & inspired by children of color, they’ve created high-quality, fun and stylish products that mirror the beautiful hues of our little ones. Shop Perfectly Hued today. You probably didn’t start your business to […]

Black Businesses Took Over Small Business Saturday Nationwide

Photo: Julia Nagy, Omaha World-Herald Black Friday is all about big box retailers and Cyber Monday is for e-commerce stores. Small Business Saturday, however, encourages holiday shoppers to support small brick-and-mortar businesses in their community. Nationwide, Black owned businesses were on full display, even if most don’t have a physical location, just yet. In cities across the […]