First All Black Golf Team To Win State Championship Receives Their Rings

Never in the state of Georgia had a squad from Atlanta Public Schools won the state title in golf. Never in the history of Georgia had all Black squad done so, either. This past summer, however, Drew Charter School smashed both barriers. According to the team’s coach, Joe Weems, there is no football at Drew […]

13-Year-Old Entrepreneurs, Best Friends, Launch Youth Empowerment Network

At the age of 13 they not only travel the country as motivational speakers but Kamryn Johnson and Saniya-Symone Scott actually have something to say. These two kidpreneurs are behind the Kam & Niya Youth Empowerment Network, a vehicle they use to encourage other kids to become leaders and entrepreneurs. The issue isn’t a child’s […]

Middle Schooler Brothers Run A Bakery & Take College Courses

Shane and Nigel Mushambi of Missouri City, Texas are anything but ordinary middle schoolers. After winning a local baking competition for three straight years, the pair started Two Bros. in the Kitchen. The two brothers make a variety of treats, ranging from chocolate dipped pretzels to exquisite cakes. In addition to making noise in the […]

5-Year-Old Becomes Youngest CEO To Have Products In Target

Photo taken from Lily Frilly IG You were probably concerned about when nap time was at 5 but Lily Adeleye has very different concerns. At the tender age of 5, this young entrepreneur just became the youngest CEO to ever have their products placed in Target for retail. Lily’s company is Lily Frilly, a brand […]

At 12-Years-Old He Patented Invention To Stop Child Hot Car Deaths

Bishop Curry heard that a neighboring family lost their 6-year-old child. It was a hot summer day in Texas and unfortunately, tragedy struck. Curry, a child himself, simply figured that no one should feel the sting of that pain again and so he decided to do something about it. Bishop went to work, sketching out […]

Black Woman Opens Free Sewing Camp To Teach Kids How To Run A Business

Photo Credit: WBIR In Knoxville, Tennessee there is a camp where young people are learning how to be entrepreneurs and developing a valuable skill — sewing. Enkeshi El-Amin is a sociologist who accidentally started the camp, Sew It Sell It. El-Amin merely mentioned the possibility of opening a summer camp one day for kids during […]

She Launched A Tea Company At 9-Years-Old

PICTURE BY KARNESHA WORFORD / CATERS NEWS Brayisha Avery was always fond of spending time with her grandmother; her grandma also introduced her to her favorite drink, tea. Brayisha doesn’t just love a cup of warm tea, the elementary school student from Kansas City also started a company to sell it. ‘Grandma’s Tea’ is a non-caffeinated […]

3 Products To Help Black Children Grow And Develop

In today’s world, knowing one language isn’t always sufficient. Learning a second language isn’t just good for a child’s cognitive development but also much easier at their young age. Cubby Love Bears are the perfect solution for Black parents! These Dual Language Learning Bears are not only lovable but these bears will help teach kids […]

3 Brands To Make Life Better for Black Moms and Kids

Children need to be stimulated in order to learn. As they grow in knowledge, what images are they receiving? How is their blackness being affirmed? Puzzle Huddle creates puzzles for children designed to inspire and affirm children of color, specifically. Puzzles are a great way to not only entertain children but also stimulate them mentally. […]

2 Essential Brands For Black Children

Black children should go to school with the best supplies and images that inspire success. Moe Melanin can certainly help with that. The company produces school supplies that are absolutely stunning visually and utterly inspiring. Their notebooks scream success, competence and of course, style. Every Black child should have supplies from Moe Melanin. Give your […]