Celebrity Barber Runs Barber College Inside Of Jails

Federal and state prisons held nearly a half million Black people, entering 2018. Several studies indicate that over half who get out of prison go back: the inability to find work is the biggest reason. A celebrity barber is doing something bold, in an attempt to help incarcerated men and women survive. Larry Roberts, Jr. […]

This 15-Year-Old Started With A Cart, Now Owns An Ice Cream Parlor

Most 8-year-olds look forward to a birthday party with cake and ice cream. Victor “Beau” Tracy Shell, however, had bigger things on his mind approaching his eighth birthday. He shocked his parents by asking for an ice cream cart so that he could buy his own toys, help his family and also have access to […]

Don’t Start A Business To Pursue Your Passion

Image: Getty How do you get rich? It’s a question that literally every single person on the planet has pondered and yet few people actually seem to pull it off. There are an abundance of seminars and classes, online trainings and “systems” for sale but the answer is painfully obvious. If you identify a need […]

Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes Opening Her Own Gymnastics Academy

The sport of gymnastics has been rocked by scandal for several years. Two decades of rampant sexual abuse culminated On November 5, 2018; that’s when the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) announced that it would decertify USA Gymnastics as the national governing body for the sport, at the Olympic level. USA Gymnastics filed for bankruptcy one month […]

Black Owned Studio Moves Black Storytelling Into Extended/Virtual Reality

Technology enables us to move beyond our reality to tell stories. Today the entertainment industry is forging into augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR). Black people and their stories, however, are scarce in these environments. In the same way that the film and gaming industries are dominated by whites, extended reality […]

HBCU Alum Launches Black Owned Yacht Charter Business

When did you and your friends last charter a yacht? Not many Black folks charter yachts, something Sheila Ruffin noticed during her time as a coastal and maritime tourism attorney in the Virgin Islands. She literally never saw one Black person charter a yacht, while vacationing. Ruffin aims to change that with the launch of […]

How Can Black Men Best Support Black Women? Buy Something

The number of firms owned by women over the last decade rose 58%. The number of firms owned by Black women, in that same time period, rose by 164%. Black women are starting businesses at a higher rate than anyone else and Black men should pay attention. Men are generally taught that “women value security” […]

LeBron James Is Without Question The G.O.A.T, Here’s Why

Photo: Clutchmag.com LeBron James will go down as the greatest, even if he never scores another point. His insight and brilliance on the court is otherworldly but his moves off of the court are unparalleled. LeBron realized very early that he was the one who produced value, not an agent or marketing rep in the […]

The Next Act: Harry J. Lennix is Bringing Theatre Back to the Black Metropolis

In October, Chicago TREND, celebrated a $5 million investment from Fifth Third Bank to finance community revitalization in partnership with the Chicago Community Loan Fund (CCLF). The fund will help make the vision of Chicago-born actor, Harry Lennix a reality—The Lillian Marcie Theatre. “As a new institution, the Lillian Marcie Theatre will be the epicenter […]

3 Ways To Insult Black Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is tough and believe it or not, you have the ability to make it that much harder. Daily, business owners experience a range of negative emotions linked to setbacks in business, unpleasant encounters with customers and yes, even insults. Black entrepreneurs, especially, put up with a number of insults daily from people; many aren’t […]