Fashion Fair Beauty Was A First In Cosmetics, It Will Remain Black Owned

Photo: Bill O‚ÄôLeary/The Washington Post Once upon a time Black fashion models had to mix up their own foundations to match their skin tone — there were no Fenty Beautys back then. Eunice W. Johnson saw that firsthand, as the creator of the Ebony Fashion Fair Show, and decided to do something about it. The […]

Air Force Veteran Now Runs Business Connecting Inmates With Family

Millions of Americans are in prison and they are connected to millions more, who love them. Most can expect to be rearrested after release, unfortunately. However, research indicates that those who maintain close ties to their family while incarcerated, “have better post-release outcomes and lower recidivism rates.” Frederick Hutson is helping inmates maintain that vital […]

First Black Owned TV Production Company Launches In Bristol

In Southwest England there is a city that has shaped world and particularly, Black history — Bristol. The first European since the Vikings to land on mainland North America was John Cabot, who set sail from Bristol. The first Englishman to lead an exploration to North America was William Weston, a Bristol merchant. On the […]

Black Owned Security Firm Opens $5.5 Million Headquarters In Black Neighborhood

AGB Investigative Services was founded in 2001 as an investigation firm but today it exists as a full-service security provider. The firm’s corporate clients include the likes of ComEd, Nicor and Walmart. AGB started in Illinois but today has a presence in California, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Philadelphia, Denver and the District of Columbia. […]

Middle Schooler Brothers Run A Bakery & Take College Courses

Shane and Nigel Mushambi of Missouri City, Texas are anything but ordinary middle schoolers. After winning a local baking competition for three straight years, the pair started Two Bros. in the Kitchen. The two brothers make a variety of treats, ranging from chocolate dipped pretzels to exquisite cakes. In addition to making noise in the […]

5-Year-Old Becomes Youngest CEO To Have Products In Target

Photo taken from Lily Frilly IG You were probably concerned about when nap time was at 5 but Lily Adeleye has very different concerns. At the tender age of 5, this young entrepreneur just became the youngest CEO to ever have their products placed in Target for retail. Lily’s company is Lily Frilly, a brand […]

Black Chemist Produces Breakthrough To Moisturize Skin & Hair

Science often gives us a slight edge over nature. When science is skillfully blended with nature, however, things advance dramatically. A Black chemist is ushering in that type of leap forward in the science of beauty. Ni’Kita Wilson is a chemist who worked decades in the cosmetics industry, developing over 3,200 products for some of the top […]

Southern University’s Fabulous Dancing Dolls: Not Just Pretty Faces, CEOs & Bosses

Photo: Human Jukebox Media They are world renowned and for millions, the absolute embodiment of what a Black woman is. They are the Southern University ‘Dancing Dolls.’ You see beautiful faces, sensual dance moves and precise choreography but we see something very different — accomplished Black women entrepreneurs. The Dancing Dolls are not just women […]

Black Teen Has 3 Books Being Used By School Districts

She’s not even 18 and already this writer’s books are being used in the curricula of three school districts. The Chronicles of the Middle School is a series conceived and written by Essynce Moore. The series consists of three books: 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles, 7th Grade Middle School Chronicles and 8th Grade Middle School […]

New NCAA Rule Could Create Black Wealth

For years activists and athletes have demanded that college athletes be allowed to make money off of their labor. College sports generate billions of dollars every year and yet the labor force that makes the cash — overwhelmingly Black athletes — are unpaid. At the same time there are coaches who make in excess of […]