Black Business Sells Popcorn Inspired By Soul Food Recipes

Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn is nothing like anything you’ve tasted before. This Black owned business makes “All-Natural Popcorn To Feed The Soul,” with flavors inspired by real soul food recipes. Soul Popped flavors are all vegetarian and the company also offers vegan flavors. From “Big Momma’s Fried Chicken” to “The Real Dill Pickle,” these delectable flavored popcorn […]

She Launched A Tea Company At 9-Years-Old

PICTURE BY KARNESHA WORFORD / CATERS NEWS Brayisha Avery was always fond of spending time with her grandmother; her grandma also introduced her to her favorite drink, tea. Brayisha doesn’t just love a cup of warm tea, the elementary school student from Kansas City also started a company to sell it. ‘Grandma’s Tea’ is a non-caffeinated […]

Black Man Owns Most Trusted Sports Marketing Firm In The World

All photos courtesy of Brandon G. Best, Elite Visions Photography Recently Lebron James started a movement, “More Than an Athlete,” in response to a cable news network commentator saying he should focus on basketball. That exchange sparked a major conversation in America and on social media. It’s true, athletes don’t just dribble the ball anymore […]

Black Couples Launches A Black Arts & Business Festival

How can Black creatives get jobs, paid and grow their professional network? South by Southwest and other major festivals for creatives are generally run by cisgender white men and often, not very inclusive; they’re also very expensive. Early bird tickets to South by Southwest, for example, will set you back $1300. New Orleans will host […]

This Black Farmer Is Disrupting The Global Coffee Trade

” A Black business doing business with the first Black nation in our hemisphere, connecting Black businesses around the world.” – Adarian Lherrison, Founder of Javae Coffee and Tea Javae Coffee and Tea is on a mission to flip global commerce as we know it, through coffee. Growing coffee is a revolutionary act. Coffee is […]

What Killer Mike Said, What We Should Do Now

The goal is to “Remove, Replace, and Rebuild.” The goal is not, as Killer Mike said, to pursue the best “master.” Black people must build our own, collectively. In his comments at the Revolt Summit, Micheal Render (Killer Mike) made a passionate plea for Black people to do our homework, learn from our great Black thinkers in […]

Should Black People Open Our Own Schools?

It has been said by many Black intellectuals that we ought not let our oppressors educate our children. Educating our own children is practical but also it’s big business. Indeed, since 1995 the Charter Schools Program has handed out over $4 billion to support charter schools. That’s a lot of money. Alarmingly, about $1 billion […]

One BIG Tip To Get Government Contracts

If you’re a Black business owner, you know how hard it is to do business with the government. Whether city, county, state or federal, it’s just difficult on all levels. Still, you know that getting government contracts is the way to take your company to the next level — government contracts can be very lucrative […]

She Started A Jewelry Business On Accident, Today Marks Her 2nd Anniversary

Keiana Green-Page didn’t mean to start a jewelry business — she was just looking to get her hair braided. Keiana wanted to recreate a version of a braided hairstyle she saw online that happened to be made with really ornate beads. She went to a local craft store to buy some unique wooden and plastic beads. […]

What Region Is Hot For Black Entrepreneurs? Go (Mid) West

Believe it or not, the Midwest might be a land of promise for Black entrepreneurs. Several markets in the Midwest are growing at a faster rate than the US economy. In other words, everyone need not move to Atlanta to make it — opportunity abounds, we just have to open our eyes. Essence Magazine recently […]