Black Fashion Designers Combating Covid-19 By Donating Masks

Since Covid-19 has taken the world by storm, hospitals and medical offices around the world are running critically low on healthcare supplies. Due to this dangerous pandemic, masks and other medical supplies are being purchased faster than companies can produce them. This is leaving the medical professionals at a disadvantage. Hospitals and other medical facilties […]

You Can Lose Weight During Quarantine, This Product Can Help

Weight loss is one of the most elusive pursuits on the planet but a new product is just the boost you need. Tika Faya is a brand that will accelerate your weight loss journey in ways unimaginable. Tika Faya offers a perfectly balanced, all-natural workout enhancing cream that allows you to target specific areas to […]

Black Doctor Makes Breakthrough, Natural Treatment For Sinus Problems

The most powerful person is reduced to weakness, when they have sinus problems. The simple act of breathing becomes a challenge and infections in the sinuses can lead to serious health problems. A Black otolaryngologist– ear, nose and throat specialist– has developed a specialty line of inhalers that utilize Himalayan Sea Salt in order to […]

Black Woman’s Fitness Products Help You Get The Perfect Shape, Even From Home

Exercise is essential for good health but if we’re honest, we’d also like to look amazing. Nothing’s wrong with wanting an amazing set of abs or backside, feelings that Amber Chambers understands well. Amber is an HBCU alum who is passionate about teaching health and helping people achieve their goals through her company, ItsHerLife. ItsHerLife […]

Lack Of Employment Contributing To Mental Health Distress In Black Men

Cristin Dent @thegodpsychology Where do black men go to heal? Where do they share their fears, their trauma, and confusion? Economic distress serves as a driving factor of depression, suicide, and personal distress, especially for Black men. The pressure to find a job, maintain employment, healing from grief and loss, securing adequate transportation, and giving their […]

Black Woman Opens Hip Hop Spin Cycle Studio

New York City has an abundance of fitness classes but Briana Owens couldn’t quite find a home. She spent five years going to different spin classes across the city and as an avid cyclist, was still unable to find an experience that was by and for women who looked like her. There was a void […]

Doctors Said This Dry Skin Condition Had No Cure, This Black Woman Proved Them Wrong

Imagine if your skin was so dry and flaky that it literally looked like fish scales. That was Mireille Pascal’s everyday. She had what is known as ichthyosis, a family of about 20 skin conditions that lead to dry skin and scaling. She was teased growing up and as an adult, wondered what it felt […]

Honoring John Witherspoon & How to Manage Celebrity Death

Legendary comedian John Witherspoon passed on October 30th at the age of 77. He made an impressionable mark on Black culture as the “funny father” from The Wayans Bros, Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next, Martin, I Got The Plug, and a plethora of comedic Black cinema. He is also known for his hilarious display of […]

Former NFL Pro Opens Crossfit Gym In Black Neighborhood

There are people who go to the gym and then there are people who do Crossfit. Not many who do Crossfit, however, happen to be Black. A former NFL running back and entrepreneur is changing that. His name is Jason Burns and his gym is Mettle Fitness. A Crossfit revolution is happening in a very […]

Michael Jordan Donates $7 Million To Fund Clinics For Uninsured & Underinsured

What can $7 million get you in 2019? If you happen to be uninsured or underinsured in the city of Charlotte, it can get you a new lease on life. The Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic was just unveiled, the first of two clinics that Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan will help to fund […]