What Value Does Black History Month Have For Grown Black People?

Photo: Ebony.com February is Black History Month and with it, a national recognition of the contributions and triumphs of Black people in America. The question today, however, is what value does this annual celebration have for grown folks? What does it mean and how should it be approached? The answer isn’t quite so simple. For […]

I Have A Dream Is The Root Of Black Power

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addressing crowd of demonstrators outside the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on Aug. 28, 1963. Francis Miller/The LIFE Picture Collection—Getty Images Dr. King said a lot more than “I Have a Dream” but we shouldn’t miss the significance of the dreamer. Dreams are the root […]

50 Years Ago America Assassinated Its First Black President

50 years ago today, Fred Hampton was assassinated by the FBI and Chicago Police Department. That heinous act took away one of the world’s brightest lights and perhaps, the Black messiah J. Edgar Hoover had always feared. Fred Hampton could have been and should have been, President of the United States of America. Fred Hampton […]

Let’s Talk About The Complex History Of Black Explorers This Columbus Day

The “woke” thing to do is reject Columbus Day because of the problematic history of Christopher Columbus — mass genocide, rape and a host of other atrocities are rightly attributed to him. What is tricky is the temptation for Black people to spotlight the presence of Black explorers, instead of Columbus. Pedro Alonso Niño captained […]

Memorial Day Is The Black 4th Of July

If honest, some black people find it difficult to fully embrace all the national holidays the country holds so dear. Memorial Day, however, stands as a shining exception. It is an example of how the darkest of human sentiments and bitter realities can be redeemed by the souls of Black folk. I was taught in […]