Pittsburgh Helped 100,000 Enslaved People Find Freedom

Canada may have been the promised land for some but Pittsburgh was the salvation of many. Pittsburgh was arguably the most critical city on the Underground Railroad: without Pittsburgh, it simply wouldn’t have worked. It is estimated that 100,000 people escaped to freedom because of Pittsburgh, a legacy that should never be forgotten. The Steel […]

He Built A Grocery Store Empire Before Slavery Was Abolished

Soul Food Market will be a top rate grocery store, completely owned and operated by Black people. Soul Food Market, however, will not be the first of its kind. Well before the Civil War started, Samuel T. Wilcox built a grocery empire with annual sales in excess of $4 million, in today’s dollars. Many tried […]

He Escaped Slavery, Fought For The Union & Chartered First Black Owned Bank

William Washington Browne wasn’t covered in your history class, a fact that reveals the “Miseducation of the Negro.” Browne was born into slavery in Habersham County, Georgia, in 1849. When he died in 1897, his funeral  was one of the largest ever seen in Richmond’s Black community. Browne was a preacher, businessman and social reformer. […]

Terrorists Bombed 16th Street Baptist Church, It Still Protects Birmingham’s Black Business District

Birmingham’s Fourth Avenue Historic District is home to one of the highest concentrations of continuously owned and operated Black owned businesses in the country. The District is also home to the 16th Street Baptist Church, a landmark in American history. Most know that in 1963 the Ku Klux Klan bombed the church, killing four little […]

How Trillions In Black Wealth Was Stolen, How We’ll Get It Back In 2020

After chattel slavery, Black people stood. After campaigns of terror decimated Black business districts, like the 1921 attack on Tulsa’s Greenwood district, Black people stood. Whatever was left standing, however, the federal government erased overnight. With laser-like targeting, thriving Black business districts around the country were destroyed, through the construction of interstate highways. Those same […]

How The Government Tried To Kill Atlanta’s Black Business District

Photo: Stan Kaady Auburn Avenue in Atlanta was once known as “the richest Negro street in the world.” The phrase was coined by John Wesley Dobbs, a civic and political leader known as the unofficial “mayor” of Auburn Avenue. Dobbs once said, “Get the vote and the dollar and you’ll walk in Jerusalem just like […]

James Brown Died On Christmas 13 Years Ago, Let’s Not Forget The Business Legend He Was

James Brown died on Christmas day 2006. He revolutionized music but he was also a living symbol of Black power. His music and style inspired cultural pride but on a deeper level, the Godfather of Soul was a revolutionary in business. At at time when “colored” performers were merely expected to sing and dance, James […]

Possible Mass Grave From Black Wall Street Doesn’t Tell Full Story Of Black Genocide

Photo: Wikimedia Commons Scientists in Oklahoma discovered possible evidence of mass graves linked to the Black Wall Street massacre in Tulsa. Since 1921 when the massacre occurred, there’s been a huge effort to hush and cover up what really happened. Survivors have long held that the actual number of victims is much higher than what […]

2 Brothers Started A Black Film Production Studio To Combat Racism During Jim Crow

In 1915 Birth of a Nation was released, a film that glorified the Ku Klux Klan and poisoned the minds of Americans with false stereotypes of Black people. African Americans across the country were livid, many even protested. Life for Black people was hard enough but the new emerging film industry had the power to […]

One of America’s First Black Mayors Has Passed, His Legacy Undeniable

Photo: Bettmann Archive/Getty Images On November 7, 1967 the world would change forever. That was the day Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Harold Washington, Maynard Jackson and Marion Barry were all born. No, they were not all born that day biologically but that day marked the birth of their possibility. November 7, 1967 was the first […]